Saturday, December 16, 2017

inSPIREd Sunday

Sally and Beth host inSPIREd Sunday!  

August 2017 - Prescott ON
On January 1, 1790, inhabitants of Augusta and Elizabethtown townships agreed to build a church here in the "burying yard" of the proposed town of "New Oswegatchie". Subscriptions were inadequate and nothing was built by 1804 when Barbara Heck, the founder of Methodism in Upper Canada, was buried here. In 1809, Anglicans of Augusta and Elizabethtown built a frame chapel, later called the "Blue Church", which served the parish until St. James, Maitland, was opened in 1826. The "Blue Church", unconsecrated, rarely used for services and in bad repair, was partially burned and taken down in 1840. The present small blue church was built in 1845.


  1. Unusual colour but I do like the church

  2. ...Oswegatchie is a river in the north western part of the Adirondack Mountains. This may be the first blue church that I've seen.

  3. It's nice to see a different colour. The blue is pretty.


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