Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday Doors

Linking up at Norm's Thursday Doors.

August 2017 - Toronto ON

A couple of doors on King St.

And a very intriguing one just up the street on Spadina. Delivery entrance for King Fabric. This was once the heart of the garment business as is known as the Fashion District.


  1. That is a cool looking area and you found some nice ones there. Love that old sewing machine too :-)

  2. I usually don't like yellow doors, but have to say that these fit very nicely! Thant Singer sewing machine is a great memory (I learned to sew on a non-electrical one!). Great post, Jackie - have a beautiful weekend:)

  3. I am partial to the sewing machine shot ;) I own a 1913 Singer Red Eye with cabinet and all the accessories. Treadle included lol


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