Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekend Reflections

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Toronto Ontario

David Pecaut Square was built as part of Toronto's Postmodern Metro Hall project in 1992. Formerly known as Metro Square, the square was renamed in April 2011 by Toronto City Council vote to honour the late civic leader David Pecaut. The Square features The Eternal Flame of Hope, inspired by the perseverance of disabled people, and burns as a reminder that society must be all-inclusive. A lawn with trees along its outer edges creates a public space that allows for unique views of Metro Hall, Roy Thomson Hall and the Royal Alexandra Theatre. It is frequently used for free concerts, film screenings, and other events.


  1. I must have passed this by at some point!

  2. amazing watery reflection...

  3. Just amazing! Water is always good for reflections!
    Visiting from Weekend Reflections.
    Greetings, Hilde