Sunday, July 26, 2015

Monday Walk

July 2015 - Toronto ON

Friday I went to the AGO Art Gallery of Ontario click here for some photos.

This is my walk from St. Patrick subway station along Dundas West.

Geographically, this is the smallest Division but remains one of the busiest in the city, with a staff in excess of 400. The Division's primary responsibility is to respond to the many unique and diverse activities occurring in the core of the city.

The homes on the east side of McCaul Street were demolished and the Village by the Grange residential and commercial complex was built. It was built in 1980, and was a rare example in Toronto of a low rise apartment complex; there are mixed commercial uses being built after several decades of high rise apartment building construction in the downtown core.

Further along on Dundas.

My eventual destination - AGO Art Gallery of Ontario.

But first I am distracted by a church - click here for more photos.

And I teased the readers' yesterday about what is across from the church - a pub by the name of:

And now, before we get all artsy. a look down towards the always visible CN Tower and the very cool looking OCAD Ontario College of Art and Design. I'll show more in that area another day.

I cross and get a better photo of the Henry Moore sculpture an eight-ton Large Two Forms, now a city landmark at the northeast corner.

Across the street from this is a local pub The Village Idiot (sorry about the shadows) and you can see St. Patrick's in the background, I haven't covered a lot of ground yet.

The Art Gallery of Ontario holds a collection of more than 68,000 works, spanning from the 1st century to the present day.

The reflections from across the street are these lovely old buildings.

I'm just going to show you some interior shots of the museum, I will save the exhibits for another time.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is known internationally for its extraordinary and extensive collection of Henry Moore works. The Henry Moore Sculpture Centre at the AGO originally opened in 1974, to house Moore's original gift to the AGO, now totalling more than 900 sculptures and works on paper.


  1. Strange but wonderful to see so many Moore sculptures together, Jackie. It looks like a fabulous building too!
    Thanks for taking me on a cultural tour :) Have a good week and thanks for 'walking'!

  2. Sin and Redemption.... quite a name!

    I haven't been to the AGO in quite a long time.

    1. It is certainly a funny name across from a church. I have a membership that includes a guest............

  3. Ah, this brings back great memories of our time in Toronto.

  4. Not long after the last renovation, I got a membership mostly so I could walk up and down that floating staircase whenever I wanted! (then I decided the membership was a bit too expensive for the times I used it...)
    And I've never been a great fan of Henry Moore, but whenever I hear the name, I start singing in my head, the Murray McLauchlan song.


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