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Weekend Cooking - Taste of Toronto

July 2015 - Toronto ON

Click here for pictures from 2014 Taste of Toronto. I attended 2014 on my own so it was a lot more fun this year going with my husband. Also could try a lot more food!! Next year we should invite some others ago then we can try even more!!

This isn't just another street food fair, the entrance price is steep, which does keep the crowds down. It is a very elegant affair featuring top restaurants and chefs in attendance. Plates cost between $6 and $10.

It was much earlier this year, last year it was at the end of July.
Taste first started 12 years ago in London UK and is now part of the social season in 22 different countries.

A couple of minor complaints. There was a vendor selling organic juices. She had a green juice, which I fell in love with in Baja California last year, so I asked if I could sample it as I hadn't really found any that were as good. There were small paper cups for samples on the table. She said no, because yesterday they had ran out due to people wanting samples. Needless to say, I walked away.

A bigger complaint was around 3:45 as John just sat down after getting another plate and we were having a beer in the American Express Lounge, a security person walked in and gruffly told everyone we would have to leave so they could get prepared for the evening session. We were floored as were other patrons. Even the staff were flustered. The vendors were still selling plates.
We heard several other people near us complaining about this as well. Some still had money on their cards.

The tickets do state noon to 4 pm but we assumed that was just a way of handling crowd control.

I'll start with what we sampled in no particular order.

Click here for a mouth watering read of all the dishes.  Below is a view of one page.

We both agreed that this was the tastiest dish.
WESLODGE’S FRIED CHICKEN// 5 Day Slaw + House JalapeƱo Hot Sauce

Barque Crispy BBQ Pork Taco; jicama slaw, tomatillo salsa, lime cream, cilantro leaves

Richmond Station Stn. Burger, Beet Chutney, OKA Cheese - I liked it John loved it.

Second favourite - Little Sister Babi Panggang Roasted Pork belly, fresh chili sauce, bean sprout & red onion pickle

My least favourite - Biff’s Bistro’s Merguez Lamb Burger with Red Pepper Chutney, Harissa Mayo on O&B Artisan Brioche.

We forgot to get a photo of The Drake's East Coast Fish Fry – Crispy clams + Jail Island Haddock, Tartar sauce.But click here for some amazing photos of other dishes including the fish fry.

John was very disappointed that we had to leave as he wanted to try the duck poutine as well as some desserts.

Tables, chairs and throws set out within the Fort's walls for guests to enjoy in the American Express Lounge.

Lots of food samples!

It was a Friday so not too crowded.

Must have selfie.

The always charming TV chef/host and restaurant owner Michael Bonacini, a local celebrity, hosting a round table. We've been to most of his restaurants and they are excellent.

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  1. I can see that being the kind of day that results in one being quite full!

  2. I remember your post from last year. What an awesome event, even with the glitches (3:45 is not 4:00 ... oh well). That first burger looks awesome. Too bad the lamb burger didn't meet expectations.

  3. That looks like so much fun! We have one near us (Berkshire wine and food festival), but Taste of Toronto seems a lot bigger and a bit fancier. That fried chicken looks mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Great photos! We have one in Houston, I hear, but I've never tried it. I think I must!

  5. I like the fact that it wasn't too crowded. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  6. Yum!!!!!!!! We have a Taste of Dallas but we haven't been...mostly because of the kiddos and the price of admission. I've heard it's great, though, and yours looks absolutely delicious.


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