Saturday, February 1, 2014

La Noria and Puerto de Canoas Mexico (Our World Tuesday)

Our World Tuesday Graphic

Our World Tuesday

Since we had spent a long day yesterday in Durango we were just sitting around on Wednesday morning, I had gotten dressed though since it was our day for full maid service. We were surprised by a knock on the door and assumed it was the maid. Imagine our surprise to see Carol and Bill standing there.

They were on their way to breakfast downstairs at the Palapa and had decided they were going to La Noria to drop off some stuff for a friend there. They wanted to know if we’d like to go. We jumped at the chance and met up with them as they finished breakfast.

First stop in La Noria was at the leather maker Roberto who is a friend of Bill’s. Bill had a crate of leather masks he had made for Roberto. Bill had taught Roberto how to make these masks and there were some on display in his shop. Bill uses wood carvings from another local whom we had met when driving to Concordia last week.

One of Bill's masks.

While they chatted the three of us wandered around town.

The Registry office, this doesn’t look like a boring civil office.

A cute little shop in the front room of their house, notice the socks for sale in the jars.

More pretty houses

Then past the tortilla maker, unlike most Mexicans she was not going to smile at us and we chickened out taking her photo. We snuck a photo when we drove by later.

We wanted to go into the church but it was very busy and I could smell incense as a funeral was in progress.

I have mentioned the sidewalks in Mexico before and here is an example from La Noria. The sidewalks are high and sometimes they just end.

We had just missed a demonstration at the shoe makers but then Carol noticed that there was an ATV group in the shop so we headed over to catch the end of the demonstration. Bill caught up with us and we had our own private tour.

All the sewing machines are still in use at the back of the shop.

 We had tire sandals that we bought in Hawaii, they make them here as well.

John was going to buy a belt there but Bill said he could have Roberto make one for him. John picked one out and Roberto engraved it with John’s name for $10 US.

Shots anyone?

Then we drove to another shoe and saddle maker.

 Making parts for a saddle.

 These shoes are for workers, the staples will keep them from slipping.

We made a stop at a place that looks like a housing development from the road, however, it is a group of family mausoleums (photos taken from the car) . Very fancy, don’t you think?

We made a stop in Puerto de Canoas specifically to get some jamoncillo, a local sweet delicacy much like fudge. They make plain ones and others that are rolled in walnuts. Oh my, so sweet and so good.

Here is a fun recipe in Spanish.

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