Thursday, February 6, 2014

Copala Mexico

Carol sent an email on Tuesday morning to ask if we'd like to go to Copala with a stop in Malpica.
I asked what time as John was still sleeping. She said 10 AM and we were on our way.

One MUST stop in Malpica when in this area to go to the bakery.
Baby swing for grandchild in living room as you walk through to the bakery.

Baker, grandchild, Bill, dog and Carol's back. It's a good thing the Toronto Department of Health can't visit here. Everything is so good!

The boys eyeing the goodies!

Next stop on the road to Concordia, at Antonio's, Bill's wood carver friend.

Then Carol had the bright idea to show us the OMG (her name along with some other not so polite titles) bridge, as she was trying to point it out from the highway Bill took a right turn to take us across the bridge much to Carol's distress.
Photos are dusty!

On the rocky road to....

Ingenious use of old tires - retaining wall.

The bridge itself!

We had been to Copala last year on a bus tour. It is always fun to go back to somewhere when you can just wander.

Such a cheerful looking graveyard!

On the road into town.

The church with Willie parked in front. Stop by on Sunday for a more detailed tour of the San Jose.

The town is located in a valley in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains at an altitude of 2,000 feet.

Bill had heard that his friend had opened a restaurant in town. As this is a very small town and relies on tourism, which has declined greatly since the cruise ships stopped coming. There are only a few tours and they are mini-buses unlike the large buses the cruise companies used. As well, now that the new super highway to Durango is open these lovely little towns get bpassed as drivers opt for the fastest and safest route.
The restaurant that the tour buses normally use was Daniel's, where we ate last year. It has closed down as Daniel died three months ago.

So this means the tour groups are now using Alejandro's. He also owns the mask shop in town.

That's John rushing off to move Bill's jeep as it was blocking the road - see above. 

The restaurant is located on a very pretty patio shaded by a huge bamboo tree!

 We toured the kitchen. I just missed a photo of the banana cream pie!

He took an old abandoned house and redid it all.

They were expecting two tour groups for lunch.

The view of the church from the restaurant.

The view of the restaurant from the church.

A stroll around town.

Alejandro took us to a house that is about to go onto the for sale market.

View from the house.

On the drive back there were many trucks carrying soldiers, some trucks had up to 30 in the back.
It was fun to watch the street vendors trying to see them food as we waited at a security checkpoint.

This stop gives a new meaning to drive through restaurants.
Dried shrimp, anyone?

Perhaps some corn?

Grilled corn with tequila.

Almost home! Playa Cerritos is our direction.

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