Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Beyond Monet

 August 2021 - Toronto ONi

We went to the Beyond Monet exhibit, making its world premiere, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this week. We loved watching his art come to life.

We have been lucky to have visited Monet's gardens in Giverny France.

Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience is the world premiere. The exhibit's space within the Metro Toronto Convention Centre boasts over 50,000 square feet to allow visitors enough space to social distance with ease which we love, no crowds. The art event runs on a timed ticketed-entry system, in order to ensure visitors' health and safety and limited-capacity. Love this too and we always get the earliest entry time, as once you are in you can stay as long as you like so the crowds thicken as the day goes on.

Projections of Monet’s pieces swirl around, and expands beyond the framed canvases through music, sound effects and scenography providing a truly  captivating atmosphere.

The first room you encounter is inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies. It’s a pink-and-purple-hued hall full of flat reflective ponds, wooden bridges and hanging placards with short paragraphs outlining the significance of Monet’s life and work.

Next, you walk down a darkened hall shrouded in dangling reflective plastic strips and enter the a large, oval-shaped room. 

 A 360-degree projection cycles through Monet’s paintings, blurring, blending, cross-fading and swirling the work into mood pieces that run a gamut from calming to anxious. You can sit on a large gazebo at the centre of the room, or wander around dark reflective distancing circles on the ground, some of which are elevated as seating.

Pull-quotes from critics are contrasted with quotes of the artist describing his intentions.

Exit through the gift shop as Banksy would say.

YouTube link to our video - I strung our videos together.


  1. Wow. I just "visited" my Parents In Law! They have a little pond with such a bridge, built by my Hubby. Sadly no such lights.
    How proud Monet would be to see how this "unruly" man is honoured today!
    Thank you for sharing this, it´s wonderful.

  2. Lovely is a simple word, as a flower presents itself, then Monet painted it, and the art world trembled and changed again! Thanks so much for this great glimpse at a very unique experience.

  3. wow very cool! what an experience, wish it would come here but we are under lockdown.

  4. Beautiful! The Van Gogh exhibit that was there last year is here at present.

  5. OMGoodness. I would LOVE to see this exhibit. What a wonderful experience for you and thanks for bringing it to us, too.


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