Saturday, July 24, 2021


2018 - Dundas West Toronto

Yet another rainy day, all day, on Saturday. We amused ourselves as we usually do although John had the unenviable task of trying to get our printer working again which involved a call to HP (we use their ink service and printer decided we weren't registered), a trip to the locker for a cable to connect PC to printer (HP suggestion), with no results.

Monday afternoon and you couldn't see anything but haze out the windows.
John golfed and I decided to go to Dundas West subway station to get a photo as it will soon be renamed as will Dundas St. Dundas Square and Dundas subway station in an effort to promote inclusion and reconciliation with marginalized communities. It is due to his connection to the slave trade.
I understand, however, there are many better uses of that money.

Then I walked east along Bloor St. to Dufferin station. It was getting too hot for more walking. Temperatures were feeling like mid 30s.

There are two underpasses along here mostly covered in unsightly graffiti, however, this was not touched.

Tattoo shop.

Bloordale Beach is Toronto's newest unofficial beach, except that it's not really a beach.
It's not connected to a lake, or even a pond, or any kind of body of water — unless you count the occasional puddle that forms post-rainstorm, which beach-goers have aptly named the Bloordale Lagoon.
The "beach" is really just a barren, gravelly lot sitting just north of Dufferin Mall.
Fencing keeps the public (or tries to, anyway) from entering the site, which was home to the Brockton Learning Centre before the TDSB greenlit the old high school's demolition last year.


No love lost between these two neighbours! Julie Dzerowicz is a member of the Liberal Party, she has represented the Toronto riding of Davenport in the House of Commons of Canada since her initial election in 2015, and was subsequently reelected in 2019.

The sign in the window beside her storefront office says "she doesn't give a damn about you"!

As of 9 a.m. on Tuesday, July 20, Toronto's air quality ranked worse than that of Beijing, New York, Kabul, Kolkata, Wuhan, Los Angeles and every other major city in the world. Environment Canada had issued special air quality statements for every part of Southern Ontario today on account of "elevated particulate matter levels and hazy conditions" caused by smoke from more than 100 active fires in the north.

John took a friend to her physio appointment in the morning and then I took him down to check out the Harbourfront Farm Boy, so I had an extra pair of hands.

Wednesday and the haze blew away with mid 20s temperatures.  I went around the corner to the Village Idiot Genius pub and I decided to order a burger and a glass of wine. 

As I was walking to the pub I came across a new Homeless Jesus.

Thursday John golfed and I went for a 9:30 mani-pedi, first one since November!

From there I took the bus and subway to Bathurst and Queen W. This is the best place for house plants, it is packed to the rafters with them and even has a backyard garden with more plants. 

My patio lunch spot, citrus shrimp with spicy mayo, crispy onions, pickled ginger and sushi rice. 

New city signs to drivers warning them of curbside cafes.

Many downtown streets have curbside patios set up for eating outside safely and comfortably.

Looking down towards Graffiti Alley, this entrance is blocked off.  There's a Birdo piece of art.

More bike lane painted dividers on Richmond.

Handing out free cans of alcohol free Bud. He even came on the bus and gave us each two cans and the driver, a case.

I repotted the plants I bought yesterday, 2 for $10. I bought this pot there as well.

Friday afternoon we headed out for patio cocktails at Rendezviews. Location is fabulous but the drinks are overpriced and overwatered. Like everything after the lockdown prices are up. Scan the QR code for menu, pay for your drinks when you order, no cash. You can order food from them (nothing gluten free) or from a Thai restaurant around the corner and they bring it over.

Ghost sign has been repainted. Click on link to read about Gelber Bros.

Two restaurants nearby are allowing their bathrooms to be used.

Our snacks are delivered wings and spring rolls.



We decided to have Rob Roys again.

Saturday and I felt like curry chicken and I tried this gluten free naan bread and they turned out quite well. 

Sunday we air fried steak and had fajitas.

Monday I did oven baked spicy chicken quarters, mashed cauliflower, broccolini potatoes and sauteed purple cabbage. We have a glut of vegetables to be used up.

Tuesday spaghetti and sausage.

Wednesday I had a burger out.

Thursday ham with au gratin cauliflower and potatoes. John tried the Farm Boy gluten free cauliflower pizza for lunch, said it wasn't bad in a pinch.

Friday steak and frites.


I started watching Indian Summers.
The clip below is the full episode of season 1 episode 1.

Together we are watching Manifest, an American supernatural drama series.


I read another Belinda Bauer this week as I had enjoyed one last week. Blacklands was a good story but it seemed too short and I couldn't get vested into any of the female characters.

BUT WOW did Local Woman Missing blow me away, an incredible page turner. But like most reviews I was disappointed in the ending and the way it just snuck up with a rather unbelievable and quick finish along with several loose ends.

I started reading Consent which is strange so far.


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  2. That storefront window makes me think the owner is unhinged. I am reminded of an apartment window near my place with handwritten signs accusing the prime minister of murder.

  3. As always I love travelling around Toronto with you!

    We just bought an airfryer. So far, we have only done fried chicken. I need to find some new ideas.

  4. If my partner becomes frustrated with a printer, I buy a new one. Each one is better than the last and cheaper, although the ink isn't necessarily.
    I think a change of name for Dundas Street is appropriate if it offends so many people. But $6.3 million? Absurd. If Toronto will pay my air fare and accommodation, I will visit and knock up a few signs. The cost to every business must be included but if changed over a couple of years, the cost would not be huge.
    You can buy take away alcohol from a shop that is not LCBO outlet?
    I'd so like to see modern antiques rather than old time antiques! What?

    1. I said to buy a new printer too!!!
      Yes, the cost to the businesses needs to be factored in. Flyers, menus, stationery etc although with the growing use of QR codes these items are becoming obsolete. I would love if you came for a visit!
      Yes, thanks to Covid, you can now buy liquor in other places, a good thing to happen, finally!

  5. Hi Jackie,
    Between you and Natalie, we're getting quick a running tour of Toronto.
    I'm not one who appreciates graffiti but you found a couple of pieces that I found wonderful. Thanks - I think. . .
    Here, our restaurants are opening back up for near normal service and we've actually been to one which is trying to get folks to use the code scanner for the menus. I wish I could say that I like this - but I don't.
    I find these days that too much of my life is filtered somehow through my phone. The apps are often clever but the degree of spying far exceeds my comfort level. A while back my wife was looking for a new PDF reader app and what was recommended was this huge monster app that was advertised only for reading PDF's but clearly had enough code to do way more than was advertised. I think now that most apps are spying on us to some degree which just bugs me to no end.
    QR codes are a good idea, but they have become just one more thing that causes me to pull out that phone I'm trying to use less, not more.
    Thanks for a great visual tour of you neighborhood. This was very pleasant.

    1. I was just talking to an elderly friend explaining about ordering using QR codes and she said she wouldn't dining out as she didn't want to have to learn something new.
      I do agree that all these apps are spying on us but then everything else is too. The government etc. That is interesting that you noticed the amount of space/code the PDF app was using.

  6. Better be very careful with that air quality, it affects even perfectly healthy human beings, I know all about that after the Carr Fire in NorCal 2018.
    Very cool murals!

  7. I had no idea that Budweiser now has a beer without alcohol. I guess it is still considered a beer.

    So glad you are able to get out and about and share your city with us. I'm sorry there's so much in the air. We apparently have Sahara dust in our Houston air right now. Not sure if that's better or worse.

    We started Manifest, but we decided after a few episodes that the makers might be Lost-ing us (throwing random elements into the story that never come together to make sense). If you follow through to the end, let me know.

  8. I'm so sorry Toronto's air quality has been so poor. I hope you weren't too affected by it but I'd indeed be careful.

    I'm glad your experience using Uber was so good. I still find that I'm a bit wary of services like Uber and Lyft.

  9. Love the murals and the sculpture. Wow, I hope the fires get put out and that your air quality is much better soon. I hope you have a great week.

  10. i do love a bit of street art. and thanks for the mention.


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