Monday, July 26, 2021

Monday Mural

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July 2021 - Toronto ON

RendezViews, one of Toronto’s largest patios has teamed up with Collective Arts and transformed its space into a one-of-a-kind art experience. RendezViews was born out the city's CafeTO program. What used to be a dormant parking lot in the Entertainment District is now a picnic-inspired patio space run by The Fifth and The Ballroom.

Collective Arts Brewing is based out of Hamilton and they’re known for colourful and creative labels. I've featured them several times here on Monday Mural.
I had taken photos in June when it wasn't open (opens at 4 PM).
As I approached walking west on Richmond St.

We stopped in on Friday for drinks and snacks. 

RendezViews implemented a number of measures, including social distancing, cashless payment systems and QR code menus, as part of its efforts to keep diners safe and reduce contact points. It also makes for a very efficient system.

You pay for everything as your order, no hanging around waiting for your bill.

However we did think it was a little overpriced, but then isn't everything since places started to re-open!!! But these drinks were overwatered as well. But we enjoyed the ambiance and finally being able to enjoy summer in the city!

  Taking over the blank canvas are local artists Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack of Clandestinos Art. Presenting a visual story of triumph, optimism and community growth, they call their exhibition, Reflections.

"We picture the mural as a face looking into a mirror, and in the mirror are the person's reflections with many other people surrounded by nature," Smoky and Attack explain. "The floor will also work as an organic reflection of the murals, that starts with big waves and ends with smaller waves that fragment into more geometric shapes."

I took this photo last week (also closed) but I had to shoot through the fence but it gives you the size of the mural.


  1. Great photos of colourful and interesting murals. Some good things have come from COVID, one being a return of space to people rather than cars. Your city is probably like my own, why would you want to drive in or to the city.

    1. I do love the social distancing requirements due to COVID, so nice not having tables on top of each other. Also love timed entry tickets to venues.
      I agree, I have no idea why so many people take their cars downtown. The only times we did were during lockdown, safer in our own car and less traffic.

  2. ...FABULOUS, I'd love to see this in person!

    1. Hoepfully the borders open soon and you can see it for yourself!

  3. Great and colourful space to be enjoyed by people. Love the mural, the reflections in the glasses is great! Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jackie.

  4. What a lovely mural, and I'm impressed that it flows down onto the floor of the picnic area. Sorry about drinks price and watered-down-ness. Our outdoor venues often are too crowded feeling!

  5. I always enjoy their murals!

  6. Oh wow, Jackie. These are some impressive murals. Colorful and unique. Prices have gone through the roof at several restaurants I want to go to. It isn't just in Canada this is happening. Menus have been cut in half and only items that sell well are on the new menus.


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