Friday, August 10, 2018

Cup o' Joe

Henry Miller. One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.

King St. East Toronto ON

August 2018 - Toronto ON

Lens'Artists Challenge BLUE

HOT! Did some errands and then relaxed.

John made his favourite ribs for dinner and helped with a crustless blueberry pie.
I used a new ice cream recipe with the peaches I froze last week, but it was not successful. I used half and half instead of the whole milk in the recipe, not sure if that was the problem. Too much sugar, not likely, I usually use less.

Past Meets Present
Inspired Sunday Toronto and a Homeless Jesus
Shadow Shot Sunday
Elora ON continuation of last weekend

Lazy day.

Curry lamb in the slow cooker for dinner with aloo gobi.

Monday Mural off Yonge St. a couple of weeks ago
Foto Tunes 
Wordless funny underwear from Elora
Monday Morning Blog Club - what a surprise to see my blog featured this week.
Cee's Odd Ball Challenge  not odd as such, art from Harbourfront

It was a holiday Monday and we decided to go check out a lane way off Queen St. West that a roster of all woman-identifying artists have turned a derelict Parkdale alleyway into an outdoor art gallery of murals representing intersectional feminism.

Click here for a quick walk along Queen St. West. The walk produced some churches, lots of murals and doors for future posts as well.

Mural and cross at Electric Mud BBQ. Might be worth checking out.

Lamb chops and cauliflower potato au gratin.

Tuesday Treasures Stratford To Kill a Mockingbird
Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

Well, a frustrating morning to say the least. We were on the road by 5:45 to go to a memorial service in Cornwall, approx. a four hour drive east.

We were barely on the road for five minutes when we passed multiple emergency vehicles on the road and by the lake.

Traffic moved well, but the crazy drivers were all out. Once on the 401 we were stuck. Seems a truck rolled over and the 401 was closed for the morning. We crawled along for over an hour until we could exit. In all it took us three hours to Bowmanville which is normally an hour, 71 km. There was no way we could make an 11 AM service so we turned around.

Dinner was hamburgers since we thought we'd be late.

ABC Wednesday Letter E

Awoke to darkness and this view, rare this summer. We got fogged in as the morning wore on.

As I was reading before I left I realized that there had been much flooding and power outages around the city. There were delays everywhere.

Would have been fine but I had an appointment uptown for 10 AM. I could have left at 9 but opted for 8:30, a good idea. Traffic was terrible, and the subway worse. We crawled along as they experienced signal issues from the rain.

I walked into the doctor's office at 9:55.

After my appointment I decided to do some homework for the Weekend Roundup Letter hunt on the TTC.

From Davisville I took it north with a stop at North York Centre (Letter N) for a mural.

Rain on the tracks at Davisville.

Then I stopped at York Mills (Letter Y). You'll have to wait for the stories behind these.

Believe it or not John got his golf game in despite all the rain that was circling us.

When I got back to Union it was so hot and muggy out.
Dinner used up the rest of the hamburger and potato cauliflower au gratin, and I made a beef gravy and cabbage. Working on using what we have.

Thursday Doors I added a link to Norm, the host's post, on an incredible Canadian woman.

John had an appointment downtown so I went along and did some shopping.

Flood  damage in the bookstore in the Royal Bank Building, I heard it was like a river flowing through the lower levels of the high rise bank buildings.

Then we met up for pizza at Pizzeria Libretto, this time at the University location.

We both had the pepperoni jalapeno pizzas and 1/2 liter wine on the patio. What could be nicer? Normally we both say "light on the tomato sauce" but not here, it is delicious.

Oh, did I mention I picked up two t-shirts, 40 % off and then had said to John I had coveted a pair of shoes? He insisted I go get them!

Back home and we prepared for a dinner with my BIL and nephew. Wings are a long (think 30 +) year tradition with "Bro", so when we bought our deep-fryer, we planned a wings and fries dinner, along with the requisite carrot and celery sticks.

One of our intellectual, stimulating conversations centered on why cheddar was yellow?
Here's the answer.

Dessert was lemon mousse, so easy and so delicious!


Weekend Roundup Letter F
Weekend Reflections
#NoBlankBrains added Yorkville

This moving truck was parked outside our building last week sponsoring the #NoBlankBrains.

Finally I got together with my BFF and we went to lunch, lobster rolls!

As were eating a guy walked by and I thought he is on TV???

Came home and found him!

Then on impulse we went to The Bay (Jesh StG, yes The Bay)  and picked up two tops and a pair of leggings, on sale as did BFF find something!

Look how pretty!

On the way home, the roof was open on the Rogers Centre as the Blue Jays were playing tonight.

When I got home I wandered over to the lake to get a photo of a new sculpture that is going viral in the neighbourhood. I knew it would be crowded this weekend.

The city has added these Muskoka chairs, chained together, naturally.

City has also modified this area to keep the cyclists away from the pedestrians.

And sadly, more shootings, this time in Fredricton NB. Four dead, two were police officers.

September Squares


I gave up on Martin John, an uncomfortable read that takes you inside the head of a very sick man.

The Liar's Girl was absolutely a compulsive read!

Started My Mother, The Liar, somewhat interesting, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired. Also started, on my phone, The Other Mrs. Smith, it's too early to form an opinion.


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  1. But what if one hates coffee?

    That major downpour seemed to miss us. We got some rain in the night, but nothing like what hit Toronto.

  2. So many beautiful murals and interesting graffiti -love the shoes and the strawberries

  3. The weather is crazy isn't it?! We went from a heatwave to constant rain. Mind you I'm not complaining as it is far less muggy now thankfully.
    Those chocolate covered strawberries look amazing! I could just eat them now.

    We too have those random conversations when friends/family come around. We have covered some really odd topics! 😂

    And so sad to hear of the shooting. There are so many happening it is just awful.

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. :)

  4. I'm sad to hear that you had another shooting. May that be the last one.

    Beautiful and thoughtful murals "grow" in your City.

    Your lemon mousse recipe sound divine, and easy too. I just might try making it.

  5. Traffic and transport- ugh! No wonder I like to walk... but first you have to get there. Then I'd like a sit in one of those pretty lakeside chairs. :) :) Many thanks for joining me, Jackie!

  6. The murals are awesome, such wonderful talent! Your food looks so yummy!

  7. That jalapeño pepperoni pizza looks amazing. The opening sign with the message about coffee is something I very much relate to. I'm drinking coffee right now and it is like a cup full of LOVE.