Saturday, August 18, 2018

Rise and Shine

Oscar Wilde - I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.

Lens'Artists Challenge - Pattern

We had decided to go to The Taste of the Danforth, for the first time in years. When we lived in the neighbourhood we would complain about the number of cars trying to get parking spots on our street. Our main complaint would be that the food available doesn't come in small enough sizes and prices to allow one to eat while walking and sample many things.

We left home at 9:15 AM and decided to take the bus to the subway and ride across the city from Old Mill to Coxwell, about 45 minutes.

We had planned to have breakfast at the Bus Terminal Diner, but it was closed, supposedly for renovations.

Not to worry, there was a Sunset Grill next door and we had a good breakfast.

We had an interesting excursion along the Danforth in our old neighbourhood, my, things have changed.

At Pape the streets were closed off for Taste. Click here for more Taste of the Danforth.

It's not yet noon so it is relatively quiet, which was our plan.

It's Greektown so you would expect feta fries! Here's a recipe with lemon and chives.

They had moved the memorial from the shootings a few weeks ago near a church.

Walking back it had gotten really busy with long lines for food.

We had stopped in my favourite stores, John humouring me. Don't laugh I bought a grapefruit knife and spoons.

We stopped into The Big Carrot a healthy green grocery store and they had a great selection of gluten free breads, some frozen, some not.

Also had a good selection of frozen pasta dishes.

Home to a cold beer and relaxation!

The sky had an interesting pattern.

We had steak last night, we usually share one, but had cooked two so I used it in a ginger beef and used up some of the vegetables we had.

Past Meets Present

Vegging day.

Pics of the Humber Bay Festival, along the lake.

Breakfast, pancakes with raspberries.

Dinner - beef heart pie with lots of veggies. I wouldn't normally have the same protein two days in a row. But I am trying to purge my freezer and use up all the vegetables we have. Heart, my mother used to cook it and we really enjoy it. ]It's not easy to find so I buy it if I see it, a couple of times a year.
The pastry for the pie, was a gluten free package I had made a few weeks ago and froze the other half. I was surprised that it worked out, it wasn't the prettiest pie but it tasted good!


I headed down to pick up some special BOGO at our grocery store, Longo's.
Saved myself $20.

John decided to golf in the afternoon and I went to College Park and got my hair cut and did some errands.

Checking out the flower arrangements in the Royal York.

Dinner - leftovers

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge
Taste of the Danforth

I went for a mani pedi and tried a new place within steps of home. Very impressed, will be my new go-to place.

Some pics as I walked over.

Late in the afternoon I headed out to meet a couple of friends for drinks.

Walking through the Royal York Hotel, they are renovating the lobby so had moved reception to the lower level and installed this wall of flowers. Yesterday it was all upstairs!

A movie/TV is being filmed on Wellington.


It was so hot! John went to golf and I headed out mid-afternoon to take the subway and get the Letter G for this week's Weekend Roundup.

I also wanted to find the brains at the MaRS building which led to the discovery of another new underground that connects some of the hospitals on Hospital Row or University St.

Inside Mars

Outside, using the facade of the old Toronto General Hospital.

And these gentlemen were saving me a seat, Another work by Ruth Abernethy.

John was out to dinner after golf so I just rustled up some leftovers.

Faraway Files Thursday Sidewalking Danforth

Busy morning, met a friend for coffee, another friend downtown for lunch and then met John at Union Station.

While I was out in the morning John set up our new water cooler (the old one had sprung a leak and we didn't need to have a flood) and a new vacuum.

So nice not to have to look at that ugly green bottle on top!

We took the subway to North York Centre station and then walked to Gibson House.

Gibson House was built in 1851 and became a heritage museum in 1971, interpreting 19th-century domestic arts and rural life skills that include culinary and textile arts, gardening and farming.This elegant farmhouse reveals the evolution of North York through the experience of David Gibson – Scottish immigrant, land surveyor, farmer, politician and rebel – and his family. Gibson Park features an apple orchard, gardens, a public art installation and a large granite wall etched with photos of Gibson descendants.

This unassuming farmhouse now sits amidst many towering condos looking down on this piece of history.

I needed a couple of things for dinner so we crossed to a new Loblaw's, quite impressive. There was an entrance to the subway from there.

While we waited for the bus we sat outside at Starbucks and had frappuccinos.

Dinner chicken lettuce wraps.


John went to to Nate's to pick up some gluten free stuff.

I had a library book come into the City Hall library, I know, I never get hard copies of books, always e-books. But this one was on Toronto and I want to copy some of it.

Some new Bell Media boxes.

At City Hall

Inside City Hall was a display of some Carnival costumes.

September Squares


Really enjoying Sleep Tight.

Wednesday Around the World at Communal Global


  1. So many adventures! The food is tempting, too. Thanks for sharing, and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  2. Thanks for sharing photos from your busy and fun-filled life. I'd love to visit Toronto and explore its diverse neighborhoods. Must be a delightful place to live.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features my spunky granddaughter.

  3. I love Ruth Abernethy's work. That pair of sculptures works very well.

  4. I have to say, I never know quite what I'm going to see when I come here, Jackie. Always good for a smile or two. :) :) Many thanks for your company.

  5. Now that's just not fair!! I'm starving and I have to read about and look at all the food. Boo, hoo!! Haven't been to Toronto for some years, but when we lived in Cleveland, we went sometimes and loved it.


  6. Wow lots going on! Love the sound of that food market #WanderfulWednesday

  7. It looks like a fun and food-filled week. ;-)

  8. What a fabulous week . . . . and so much food!!


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