Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday Doors

Linking up at Norm's Thursday Doors. Please drop by Norm's incredible post this week showcasing a very special Canadian artist.

July 2018 - Toronto ON

Along the Danforth.

We had visited right after the horrible event in July.

What's a book doing here on a post about doors? This book takes place in The Only Cafe on the Danforth.

Here's an excerpt:
At the reading of the will, it turns out that instead of a funeral, Pierre wanted a "roast" at a bar no one knew he frequented—The Only Café in Toronto's east end. He'd even left a guest list that included one mysterious name: Ari. Cyril, now working as an intern for a major national newsroom and assisting on reporting a story on homegrown terrorism, tracks down Ari at the bar, and finds out that he is an Israeli who knew his father in Lebanon in the '80s. Who is Ari? What can he reveal about what happened to Pierre in Lebanon? Is Pierre really dead? Can Ari even be trusted? Soon Cyril's personal investigation is entangled in the larger news story, all of it twining into a fabric of lies and deception that stretches from contemporary Toronto back to the massacre at the Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon in September 1982.

THE ONLY CAFE has been on Danforth for over 30 years, within walking distance of our old house and we have never been into.

The red columns make me think Chinese not Greek food.


  1. The red door is spectacular mixed-in with all the rest of the colorfulness. Cool photos.

    [Had trouble posting my comment. Hoping this second attempt works.]

  2. Great finds, although you lost me on the book part.


  3. The mural in the second shot particularly draws the eye.

  4. Some nice finds from a wonderfully colourful neighbourhood. Great shots!


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