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July 2017 - Toronto ON

Last summer I had followed The TELUS Health Brain Project.

Toronto is gearing up for a second year of raising awareness with over 100 new one-of-a-kind brain creations by local and international artists with a focus on bolder designs in their medium of choice.

I have taken the descriptions from the Telus website.

Total by visit
Jogging Memories - Union Station   Total 9
Penny for your Thoughts - FCP        Total 5
Sony Centre for the Arts                   Total 1
Lost in Thought - City Hall               Total 15
Thoughtless - Yorkville                     Total 3
City Hall                                            Total 4

2017 TOTAL TO DATE - 37

Yorkville Brains

Bloom Within
“Bloom Within” is a rich, textural, stained-glass, woven mosaic created with more than 12,000 tiny hand-cut pieces. Coral reefs, ecosystems, lush gardens, the flora and the fauna are the inspirations for this sculpture. They are very fragile and diverse, like our own brains. We must nurture and care for our inner garden. It is all about loving yourself from the inside out!

Rings of Memory
Artist Ben Sellick’s concept is based on tree rings, which are natural records of growth and change over time. The rings are visual reminders to times passed. No set of tree rings is the same as another, just as no people or sets of memories are the same. We can be similar and have shared experiences, but we are all unique unto ourselves. We all have our own individual stories. Memories are our sacred portals to our own personal histories.

Although the process of painting the brain was intuitive and the resulting imagery was abstract, the paint began to take on the visual characteristics of neurons. Each spot of paint became a soma and each drip formed axons and dendrites. Despite popular belief, creativity does not originate from one side of the brain, but utilizes many different regions working together as a team. Somata is an artistic interpretation of the mapping of the creative brain.

More City Hall

Gina Godfrey’s work is often characterized by the eyes. In this case, she was thinking of something like the female in Avatar or Finding Dory, both iconic characters where the eyes are the focal point and have shades of blue and yellow. With that as her base, Godfrey used skill and imagination to create “Luminescent,” named for its glowing quality. The piece should be appreciated purely for its beauty and emotional power. It is a fictional treatment of the human brain meant purely for art’s sake.

Brain Scan
PET, MRI and CT scans can use colour and shades to help detect brain activity to help us understand conditions we all might have. In PET scans, red stimulates high activity and cool colours show low activity.

Feel What You See

Feel what you see. Feel what you feel.

Jelly Beans
Artist Peter Triantos chose the 'Jelly Beans' series because of its simplicity. The colours represent positive vibrant energy, and Triantos believes that the Brain Project represents this same kind of energy as artists come together in support of a great cause.

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