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Let's Celebrate!


My parents brought my sister and I to Canada in 1957 from Dublin Ireland. They had a good life there but my Dad wanted to travel. He suggested either Australia or Canada to my Mom, she always said she chose Canada because it was closer to home!

We got our own emojis! 

Some of my favourite places!
The AGO                                 Streetcar                            Union Station


June 2017 - Toronto ON

We were going to a wedding shower for my cousin out in New Hamburg, about 1.5 hours away so I we decided to make it a day trip.

Our first stop was the only covered bridge in Ontario in West Montrose near St. Jacob's on the above map. We were not prepared for the flooding.

Let someone else go first.

We then visited Castle Kilbride.

We then made a stop in Kitchener. There was a church involved also...

The wedding shower was held in a recreational centre in New Hamburg.

From there we went into New Hamburg to find the Wheel. The Nith River was also overflowing its banks.

Then we took the slow way home as we were meeting my cousin and family for dinner at the Brogue Inn.

Passed this mural on the way.

inSPIREd Sunday
One Word Sunday

The weather didn't know what to do so we had a lazy day home.
But in case you think I am not doing anything while watching some of my favourite shows I started working on this embroidery, letter A, B, C and U are done.

I baked a new coffee cake, Cranberry walnut that we really liked and will add to the recipe box. With whipped cream, yum!

Dinner was roast beef, roasted potatoes and carrots.

Monday Mural
Good Random Fun

The weather called for rain in the afternoon so we scooted out at 11:20 to go to Chinatown.
John came with me and we headed to City Hall first, for lunch and to find the Henry Moore statue, more on that in another post.

 Can't pass up a selfie opportunity with the Toronto sign.

Over to Queen St. W to see the Elicser mural that was hidden the last few times.

This mural was above a restaurant called Ginger.

John also snapped this mural above the Lush store done by JAZ (Franco Fasoli).  It makes me think of a lobster.

They incorporated the old frontage onto the new building.

In Chinatown we pick up vegetables at a really reasonable price, cauliflower $1, 4 green peppers $1 and a few other items.

We wanted more gluten free bagels but they were out. Next time.

We just made it home when the skies opened and it poured along with thunder and lightning, this is getting old.
For dinner I made Teriyaki chicken lettuce wraps using chicken thighs, this was a keeper also.


I needed to sort out my "lost" Nexus card which necessitated a drive to Fort Erie.
What is a Nexus card, you ask?
NEXUS cards provide expedited travel at the US Canada Border for predetermined low-risk Canadian and US citizens.
It speeds up the time at the border as we can drive through a special fast lane as well as at the airport we can go through a special line as well.

We left about 11 and stopped for lunch at the Niagara Outlets so I could get some stuff at Bath and Body Works, since they closed my favourite store downtown.

There are closer offices but they are usually crowded and not very helpful. I originally got my first card there and were impressed with the service.
This is the view of the Peace Bridge to cross into the States.

Once again, they were incredibly helpful and pleasant!

Did I mention it rained (poured) on and off all day AGAIN?
We did get a few photo ops in between the deluges.

I had spotted a mural across the street at the Canadian Legion as we drove into the Nexus office so we headed over there. The mural, I am saving for Remembrance Day, November 11.

Then down to a park we had noticed.
Built by Niagara Parks in 1939 Mather Arch is a beautiful monument surrounded by manicured gardens. It is dedicated to the architect of the International Peace Bridge.

Brass and Black Plaque: “Let there be Peace”. This plaque is placed by The Niagara Parks Commission in memory of Alonzo C. Mather for his contributions to friendship between Canada and the United States of American on the occasion of “Friendship Week” in the Town of Fort Erie. August 19, 1978.

Dodging raindrops we stopped at Fort Erie but decided to come back on a non-rainy day.
We did walk around and get some photos.

In the Visitors' Centre, were some amazing pieces of art.

 This was titled Seven Grandfathers.

More rain on the drive home.

For dinner I used the leftover roast beef and sauteed green peppers and onions along with homemade sauce and noodles.

I still have a good sized piece of roast beef which I cut up and froze to add to a soup. Not bad for a $12 (it was reduced) piece of meat.


John had his weekly golf game and I headed out to wander, something I can easily do and enjoy.

I found a snowman with a corn cob nose, actually two of them, outside the convention centre.

A couple of woodpeckers tapping away.

It was impossible to get a photo of this CANADA 150 sign without a tourist in front of it. It is at the foot of the CN Tower and the area was packed with tourists from around the world.

A piece of the Matterhorn.

More tourists vying for photos. It's interesting to watch girls/women posing in a variety of provocative stances while others watch, waiting impatiently for their shot.

There were many cultural outfits.

My plan was to check out the new Rec Room that just opened, but it was closed until 4PM.

So instead I wandered around the Roundhouse Park and went to the train museum. Click here for my visit.
Train Museum and Roundhouse Park

When I got home I baked this tons of blueberries coffee cake. It's good but not a keeper.

Thursday Doors

John did a run to Costco. Did I mention it rained again??

I did the usual chores and then baked a chocolate cheesecake with salted caramel to take to my BIL's later for dinner.

I also made us salad for lunch with a good dressing creamy wasabi dressing to which I also added some lime juice.

Then I sat down to finish my book and started another.

My new single serve coffee maker arrived.

We had a delightful evening with my BIL and nephew served with a delicious steak dinner.

My Town Shootout
Friday Finds
Weekend Reflections

Raining, again......
But it cleared up in time for John to go golfing.

In my travels I came across the following:

Union Station changed its banners.

Across the street our flag is flying high and proud at the Royal York Hotel.

Inside the Intercontinental Hotel.

They had their Canada on too.

My favourite shot outside Boston Pizza!!

In the CBC building a man holding a maple leaf coming through the CBC TV test pattern (aging myself knowing what that is!).

Getting ready for tomorrow Canada Day at the Loose Moose.

Here's a bonus view of Monday Mural as it is a real Canadian mural done by Elicser.

Dinner was crispy pork belly with apple cabbage slaw with a light cider vinaigrette.
This was delicious, a real keeper! I mean, who doesn't love a good crackling! The tartness of the salad helped cut the fattiness of the pork, a perfect combination!


Not a lot done. I cleared out some junk in drawers, poppies from Remembrance Day, and cleaned out a kitchen drawer, we'll see how long it stays this tidy. There were all kinds of plastic ties that I don't need, 2 bottle opens, 2 cork stoppers that were put elsewhere, a couple of old/cracked stoppers went in the garbage.

Also cleaned out the catch-all basket in the front hall and threw out junk. One bathroom drawer got done as well.
I also did a good tidy up of various papers lying around and tossed some.


Finally finished Conclave an average read but I wanted to know if I had figured out the ending, and I did.

Started A Deadly Thaw that has definitely grabbed by interest with the start.


Friday Photo Journal

Weekend Cooking hosted by
Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.


  1. It's so much fun touring your city, love the photos and artwork. Great selfie too!

  2. Wow!! So much here to love. But first -- OMG, the flooding and all.the.rain. UGH.

    The Seven Grandfathers and the mural above the restaurant really caught my attention. Both are super (in different ways). I haven't been to Fort Erie in years and years ... it's not all that far from me, so maybe I should put that on a weekend trip for September.

    The cabbage slaw and cranberry cake are both calling to me!

    (BTW: your link worked, despite the error messages)

  3. Great photos of your lovely city. I just spent some time in the beautiful Toronto airport -- layover for a flight to Iceland. I wish we'd had time to explore the city. I'm sorry to hear about all the rain and flooding. Hopefully the worst is behind you.
    I've been to the Peace Arch Park, north of Seattle, where the US and Canadian borders meet, but I didn't realize there was a Peace Bridge in Toronto. Happy 150th birthday, Canada!

  4. Beautiful scenes, including the buildings, murals, etc. I also love the look of that coffee cake.

    I love what I've seen of Canada...would like to see more. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  5. That veteran's memorial sculpture is really cool!

  6. What a fascinating interesting post. Love your photos ! I want a Gluten Free Bagel too..

  7. Another great roundup of photos & travels around Ontario! I stayed at the Royal York when I was a teen and my Girl Scout troop spent a long weekend in Toronto. We would also like to stop by Niagara on our way through from Rochester, since our sons were just 3 and 7 last time we went, so the younger one doesn't remember it at all.

    Your meals this week sounded yummy!

    Have another good week & enjoy your books!


    2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

  8. That flooding is so distressing for people's homes, Jackie. Looks like you had a good week though. Many thanks for sharing. :)

  9. The veteran's memorial really stands out. I've seen a model of it in our war museum.

    There was a Canada 150 sign of that size here. I took shots of it in the last couple of days, and yes, you can't photograph it without people in front of it.

  10. That snowman looks cool (but not actually cold). Love the murals too.

  11. Feel sorry for the people whose properties got flooded:( Those sculptures are very impressive!Interesting that you shared some of your background! Wouldn't have guessed the Irish part. Have you been back there?
    Like to see the recipe of your cranberry walnut coffee cake. I have one that is lot more like cake - this looks more like pie. Would you consider sharing it, whenever convenient? Many thanks from All Seasons for sharing all these things to see in Toronto, and am now off to July 4th things. Have a happy week!

    1. Here's the recipe!
      I'll leave the link over at your blog as well.

  12. Very beautiful pics. Love the tour. Thanks for sharing and Happy 150th.

  13. What an amazing city! And you have captured it so well too. Sounds like you had a fun filled week. Fab selfie by the way!

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Have a lovely weekend and hopefully see you Monday x


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