Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Canada Permanent Trust Building

July 2017 - Toronto ON

I did some poking around the financial district today and decided to go into a few. No one stopped me...

Click here to visit the Concourse Building that is very close by.

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Background is from Wikipedia.
Canada Permanent Trust Building is an Art Deco structure built between 1928 and 1930. It was designed by the architect Henry Sproatt.

The 18-floor office building is located at 320 Bay Street and was built by F. Hilton Wilkes.

The Art Deco building's current tenant is CIBC Mellon; it was renovated for them in 2001.

The building was used for the exterior shots for the television show Traders.

Inspired by the 1922 discovery of King Tut's tomb, a bas-relief brass panel on the elevator doors - showing a mythological figure holding a cornucopia and a model of the new 18-storey tower - is a fitting statement of prosperity and pride.

The Banking Hall possesses a sense of quiet elegance and grandeur. Its marble floor features colourful triangular inlays that enhance the rhythm established by the robust squared columns. Geometrically patterned brass heating grills punctuate the low marble walls that delineate the public space. The symmetry of the floor plan is echoed in the classically inspired groin-vaulted plaster ceiling.
The Banking Hall was originally illuminated by 15 large chandeliers, which were sadly lost after the building was closed. Working solely from period photographs, the refurbishment team's craftsmen created new brass chandeliers with energy-efficient, high-intensity lamps that closely resemble the crisp Deco geometry of the original fixtures.

Look at this stunning mailbox! Quite a contrast to those ugly boxes today.

You can see a heating grill in this photo.


  1. There are some stunning foyers and doorways in this and the previous post. Initial preoccupation with your mobile phone makes you look less suspicious in such buildings.


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