Monday, May 15, 2017

My Town Shootout

My Town Shootout

May 12: Down the road - What is your favorite road or street from your town? Share with us paths you walk on.

I am a city girl so I love being in the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto!
Front St. is always my starting point as the shuttle drops me in front of Union Station, which is a beautiful section of the street when it isn't under construction!

The first thing everyone sees when they step out of the train station and everyone always stops to take a selfie!

Still standing in the one spot, looking across the street to the left is the iconic Royal York Hotel.

Opened on June 11, 1929, the Royal York was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway across the street from Toronto Union Station. With 28 floors, the Ch√Ęteau-style building was the tallest building in Toronto at that time, and the tallest building in the British Empire until the construction of Canadian Bank of Commerce tower on King Street the following year.

“Monument to Multiculturalism” by Francesco Perilli, stands in a highly prominent location on the south side of Front Street, in front of the main entrance of Union Station. The well-known sculpture depicts a man joining two of the world's meridians, with the other meridians held by doves.

In 2015 the heritage clock was reinstalled after painstaking restoration work was completed to return a piece of Toronto history to its former grandeur. Centuries of paint were carefully stripped away to reveal intricate detailing along the clock's base, while the internal mechanisms were updated, with new technologies installed.

This was taken last summer, it is NOT shorts weather yet!!

then looking right The Royal York is towered over by the giants of banking, the Big Five. The black towers are TD, the gold is RBC. the other big bank towers are a little further north and east.

We haven't even taken any steps yet! Front St. is a myriad of neighbourhoods to explore from the elegant to the funky!


  1. Is all of the construction on Union Station finished? It looks great.

    1. Outside is mostly done BUT inside, upstairs and down is a total construction site!! So frustrating and looks terrible too.

  2. ...even this country boy likes the tall buildings.

  3. Whenever I'm down in the core, I tend to descend into the PATH network, but I know my way around those streets in the core pretty well.


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