Saturday, February 13, 2016

Where We Are - Guadalajara

February 2016 - Guadalajara Mexico

We decided to come back here for a few days before heading to Puerto Vallarta. So this morning we took the bus (love the bus) at 10 AM from Guanajuato to Guadalajara, it took about 4 hours. We then got a cab but the driver was a little puzzled by the hotel name but followed John's GPS directions.

It turns out the hotel has only been open for a few weeks, it wasn't even open when we were here last month.

Brand new, originally an office building right off Juarez and near the Cathedral. Perfect location.

I do love the older hotels that have character but there is a lot to be said for modern conveniences like plugs for charging and safes in the rooms.
You can see Hotel Morales on this map just a couple of blocks away, but it was fully booked for this weekend.

Lobby as we head out into bright warm sunshine.

Seventh floor

Seventh floor balcony

Looking down at the  Biblioteca.

Old photos adorn the walls of the building back in its day.

Dated 1950 sign says Sears Roebuck.

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