Sunday, February 14, 2016

Monday Walk

February 2016 - Guadalajara Mexico

After a late start we intended to go to a museum close by but instead got sidetracked.

Cute family entertaining outside our hotel.

We're making very slow progress.


Templo Senora Mersad - we didn't go in today as we had been in last month.

A small market along the way. It amazes me how busy all these markets are, but the prices are really good. This one seemed to feature a lot of honey.

John is a trouper, he should be churched out by now.

Struggling to get these balloons into her car.

Back around by the market.

We are not making much progress Santa Monica.

Several photos of Templo San Jose Gloria from various angles thanks to John darting traffic.

Pretty fancy nails.


Full shot of Templo San Jose Gloria.

We stop into the free Museum of Journalism also known as house of dogs, a nickname due to the statues of dogs on the roof.

The first printing house of the city was here printing "El Despertador Americano". Considered the first independent newspaper of America.

Check back Tuesday for some photos of the displays.

Mural in the front entrance also shows the two dogs.

An interesting poster depicting famous people over the centuries.

John wants a soft ice cream and just as he ordered the woman's machine stopped functioning.

Another parlour, alas not to be, they didn't have any.

Mural across from the house of dogs.

Since we've decided it is too nice out to go to the other museum we go in search of a cute square we had found last month.
Oh, we back atthe Cathedral where we started out.

 Ex Convento del Carmen.

John says i look like Zapata with my hat and "rifle" slung over my shoulder.

Success after a few wrong turns - Andador Coronilla where Maria Felix, a famous Mexican actor lived at number 33.

We have now walked 6 km or 8,500 steps and deserve a break.

I really like this shot.


4:45 and we head back to the hotel before dinner and perhaps going to the Mariachi bar that we enjoyed lasr month.


  1. Your posts with all those beautiful photos are really making me want to take a trip to Mexico next! My husband has often joked about wanting to retire there. (At least, I assume he's joking!)

  2. Love the cloisters, and that watercolour effect you've used on a couple of the shots, Jackie. A very pretty Zapata, it has to be said :) The side by side modern yellow building with the church is so typical, isn't it? I love the contrasts.
    Many thanks for sharing.


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