Sunday, February 21, 2016

Memory Lane - Puerto Vallarta

November 1982 - Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Last Monday I did a memory lane post 1987 Puerto Vallarta and mentioned I would do more.

Click here for our 2016 photos taken last week downtown.

John and I first went to PV in 1982. It is where we bought our first timeshare from Vacation Internationale at Vallarta Torre and went home and thought we were crazy. Nope we have loved this company. In fact we spent ten weeks at their resort in 2014 in Mazatlan.

We took a package and stayed at Los Pelicanos for a week. We're not sure how we were approached to attend a session at Vallarta Torre.

We went to Vallarta Torre today and looking back at these photos let's just say time marches on.

Nowadays it is the Plaza Pelicanos Grand Resort, an all inclusive.

That's me in the blue suit.

Some things don't change, I took a photo of horses today.

We happened upon a parade with school children celebrating a Mexican holiday.

We took the boat trip to Yelapa.

 Very deserted in those days just a couple of shacks on the beach and the ladies would come down and sell slices of pie.

Wandering around town. These kids would be in their 40s now.

Supposedly this is still around. We'll check it out.

 Still an icon.

Looking towards the marina you can see a cruise ship.

Gringo Gulch.

Rio Cuale, my, how things change.

 Vallarta Torre our first timeshare and we've never looked back.


  1. It's nice you have these photos to look back on. I really like seeing how things change and grow (not always for the better...).


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