Monday, February 15, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures

Tom hosts Tuesday's Treasures.

February 2016 - Guadalajara Mexico

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We are back in Guadalajara for a few days. We had passed this building previously but I don't think it had been open.

Admission was free.

The first printing house of the city was here printing "El Despertador Americano". Considered the first independent newspaper of America. The owner of the business was Mr. José Fructo Romero, successor of Mariano Valdéz Téllez -Girón, who established the first printing shop in Guadalajara by the end of 1792. The building has two floors with a quarry and neoclassic style façade. On the first floor is the entrance and it has four rectangular windows, and on the second one, there are four small windows and a central window larger than the others.

Inaugurated August 11, 1994, it is located in an old mansion nicknamed "The House of the Dogs", because of stone dog statues on the roof.

 The museum has 3 floors displaying newspapers, printing presses, etc, dating from the 18th century onward. However only the main floor was open on our visit.

Seven issues, of the first independent publication, Hidalgo's "The American Awakening" are on display. 

Also there are mock radio and television studios. The museum has an auditorium, provides conferences, courses, workshops, guided tours and a specialized library dedicated to journalism and communications media in Guadalajara.

Notable famous people of the last two centuries.


  1. Printing sure has come a long ways over time. Jackie thanks for sharing this historical review. I hope that you return soon with more treasures from your travels.

  2. The architecture's fascinating- as is the subject!

  3. This printing machinery is huge. Just think of the time and effort that went into printing a paper back years ago. It is amazing. Sorry only the first four was open. I bet that structure is full of treasures.

  4. Musuems are wonderful places to find treasures. This one seems quite nice and I loved the dog statue on the building.

  5. How very interesting. You really make the most of your travels. My best friend in high school had family in Guadalajara. I've never been south of Tecate or Tijuana.

  6. Old printing presses and newspapers really interests me! Unfortunately paper news/books will be much less used in the coming years.

  7. how interesting, love the dog statue and that last mural is funny :)

  8. Wow, I would so love to see all these things.


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