Saturday, February 27, 2016

Around Puerto Vallarta

February 2016 - Puerto Vallarta Mexico

This walk will take us 11,497 steps or 8.2 km so I hope you have comfortable shoes. It's also quite warm (going to 28C but the humidity is high) so we'll need hats and water. We leave at 10 AM and taxi to downtown.

We start out the same way as last week, along the Malecon. I'm repeating new shots along with some new ones of some statues I showed last week. It's earlier so the light is better.

The Good Fortune Unicorn (El Unicornio de la Buena Fortuna) is one of the newer pieces you'll find in town. It's inspired by the ancient legend that unicorns are good luck charms and bring good fortune to those that possess one. The sculpture is about 10 feet tall and 4 feet long sculpted in bronze using the lost-wax casting technique by Aníbal Riebeling and was unveiled on January 14th, 2011.

The waves were very high this morning and quite a few people got wet unintentionally while they were taking photos.

I know I complained about Bubba Gump being here but I'm still a sucker for this display.

For some reason neither of us took a shot of another icon in Puerto Vallarta. The Arcos del Malecón sculpture was originally brought from a colonial hacienda in Guadalajara. The arches that are currently displayed, are replicas because the original ones were destroyed by a hurricane in 2002.

Sand sculptures  - nope, real guys. This was incredibly good.

John tipping the sandmen who graciously lifted their glasses to him.

We've reached our main destination for today.
The River Cuale, one of seven rivers originating from the Sierra Madre Mountains that run into the Bay of Banderas, divides Puerto Vallarta between the downtown to the north and the Romantic Zone to the south, but everything on either side is within walking distance. Two bridges (one on Insurgentes for northbound traffic and the other on Ignacio Vallarta for southbound traffic) cross the river. There are also some swaying rope footbridges for pedestrian traffic.

Underneath the bridge we found these black winged stilts.

A mural underneath.

 In the middle of the river, the Isla del Rio Cuale (Island of the River Cuale) is a tranquil and shady oasis. Its handicrafts stalls are brimming with silver, ceramics, jewelry, hammocks, sombreros and fanciful souvenirs.

Old memories this used to be Chilly Willy's the only real spot to have a drink back in the 80s and 90s.

We discovered a Tequila factory Grand Bay and Jose was delighted to give us a tour and lesson on tequila along with some samples.

What is John shooting?

One of the vendors pointed out the iguanas up in the trees.

A rather large nasty looking guy.

Definitely away from the madding crowd.

Looking back before we cross the street to the other side.

There’s a handsome statue of John Houston, whose film, Night of the Iguana, put Vallarta on the tourist map.

There are many murals adorning the buildings on the Isla but I'm saving most of those for Monday Murals.

 On their way to work.

 "Time" to get lunch.

So glad these old footbridges are still here.

No, I'm not hanging on for dear life, merely observing the view.

We head out to track down the Los Muertos Brewery and find it very easily and within a couple of blocks from the bridge.

I'll cover lunch in my weekly update on Thursday. But no worries, it's hot out so we had a couple of beers.

From here we are just wandering aimlessly. This is still a very touristy area but much more Mexican feeling.


I would consider this side of town for an extended stay if I were to come back here.

Only heard good things about this bakery and we were tempted but didn't pick anything up.

Mural inside the gates of a school.

Gorgeous tree.

Murals and some yarn bombing or a graffiti knitting project.

Heading back along Los Muertos beach and some shrimp on a stick for sale.

Another interesting sculpture.

Waiting to catch a wave.

Being creative.

We stop into City Hall because I had read that there was another Manuel Lepe wall inside. There was an exhibit of these magnificent wooden horses.

Cute restaurant between the church and city hall.

Time to get a cab and head home.



  1. What a tour! Love the sculptures!

  2. Quite a variety to see there!

    My favourite shot is the mermaid.

  3. Love those sculptures and some very impressive sand sculptures

  4. Some really nice sculptures. I just love public art and would love to visit and see them all #MySundayPhoto

  5. I love the street art, it's amazing! It looks like a really interesting place...

  6. I love the street markets, it all looks so interesting there

  7. I didn't realise you went in for marathons, Jackie! :) Good variety though. Love the rough seas and that soulful looking mermaid. Many thanks for linking again.

  8. That's a wonderful walk! I especially love the sand men - amazing that someone could create them out of sand. Cheers - Ellen

  9. Lovely sculptures and colors! Looks like a nice trip! #mysundayphoto

  10. Great photos. I love public art and these are great sculptures. Looks like you had a fun time.

  11. What a fun little tour you gave us... the colors are so vibrant down there. Thanks for linking to Life Thru the Lens, I enjoyed your post.

    Lisa @ LTTL


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