Thursday, December 24, 2015

Semana Uno - Mexico

December 2015 - Mazatlan

We left Toronto on December 16 and flew to LA where we spent the night at the Sheraton on Century Blvd. Click here for the highlights.

Thursday morning we had a leisurely buffet breakfast at the hotel and then caught the shuttle to LAX for our flight on Alaska Air to Mazatlan. We had to pay for our first bags and after check in discovered that we had not been assigned the seats John requested and we weren't even close. We asked for a change and paid for our seats which ended up being in the emergency row so we had plenty of room.
We shared a cheese plate (NOTE to Air Canada, they didn't run out of selections!).

Our resort provided complimentary service to the hotel. They were waiting for another family and finally put us in a cab with a resort rep (AKA timeshare salesperson). Blah blah blah...realizing that we were very familiar with Mazatlan, have done all the tours, have friends here she cut to the chase. She would offer us this and that to attend the "free" breakfast and "learn about the features of their program. By this time she knew we were owners of other timeshares and were not falling for any of this. BUT look we'll give you....NO NO and NO.
But if we change our minds or hell freezes over we will contact you.

Check in and we are taken to our unit. Click here to take a stroll with us.

We get settled and go to the Marina restaurant for dinner. It is a buffet with chicken and a selection of steak grilled to your preference. It was good. We didn't want dessert but the server brought us a box with four pastries.

Friday - we hop into a pulmonia and for 70 pesos go to Walmart, our closest grocery store. We ask our driver to wait and we do a quick order of the basics. 70 pesos back plus a tip.

 We let our friends, Bill and Carol know where we are. You can follow Carol's blog describing our antics here. They pick us up at 7 PM and we head to Plazuela Machado in the historic district of town.
The square is decorated for the holidays.

Click here for more lights.
We had perfect seats at Beach Burger as Bill always makes sure we do, directly in front of the bandstand where Rafael is performing tonight.
Burgers were very good and too big!!

Saturday - we are being spoiled. We are picked up at 9 and head out to El Quelite a gorgeous typical Mexican town.
Click here for a detailed view of the lovely church.

Where can you sit in a restaurant with this view?

We checked out the back of the restaurant.

John and Bill admiring their handiwork...

What do I mean by that? Well, here they are in January 2014 "helping" out with the brick laying.

We also made stops are the bean factory and the cheese factory, check back tomorrow for more on that.
Wandering around town. More to come.

Back to town and we spent some pool time and then relaxed enjoying the music from the kids' party.
Dinner was salad since we were full from breakfast.

Sunday - Football and hanging around.

I strolled around and took some photos.

Monday - Bill and Carol picked us up and we went to Torres Mazatlan (where we usually stay) for breakfast and then ran some errands and strolled around town. Click here for more photos.

Tuesday - we decided to check out the private beach at the resort after lunch. Because of the marina we have water taxis to take us over, about a two minute ride!

 Cold drinks?

Water taxi back.

Got all cleaned up and our car arrived at 4 PM for an early supper at Fat Fish. Ribs! Two plates for $190 pesos.

Then we headed to a lookout to finally get a sunset, they haven't been any since we arrived as it has gotten windy and cloudy as the days went on.

Moon will be full on Christmas Day, the first since 1977.

Willie, enjoying the sunset with his Mexican ribbons.

We thought we would see the cruise ship pull out but it was not to be.

I snapped this as we drop by Plazuela Machado. It was still early.

John snapped the church.

Wednesday - the plan was to drive to La Noria and we were to be picked up at 10:30. But got a message that they had a flat tire so were waiting for their mechanic. They arrived at 11, tire fixed for $200 pesos.

 First stop, Roberto's leather shop. I needed my camera bag sewn and he did it for no charge. John has bought a belt from him before and he wanted a couple more.

He engraves them for John.

We take a stroll around town. You will have to check back 0n Sunday for photos of the gorgeous church.

Then we drive to Puerto de Canoas for candies!! We had to get some plain ones and some with walnuts! We got samples too!

Bill then suggested we go back to El Quelite and try the new restaurant that we had spotted.

Mini pizzas are served with every meal, they taste better with salsa on them.

We were stuffed, no dinner tonight. We make a stop at Wal*Mart to stock up over Christmas Eve and Day.

Moon is getting fuller.

Christmas Eve dinner menu in the restaurant.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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