Sunday, December 27, 2015

Monday Mural

I'm linking up at Monday Mural hosted by Oakland Daily Photo.

December 2015 - Mazatlan Mexico

These murals are painted on the walls of a magnificent church. I will feature that church next Sunday.

Depicting the Deer Dance. The Danza del Venado of the Mayo and Yaqui people of Sonora and Sinaloa.
The deer is the symbol of Mazatlan.

Ulama ([uˈlama]) is a ball game played in a few communities in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Descended from the Aztec version of the Mesoamerican ballgame, the game is one of the oldest continuously played sports in the world and is notable for the fact that it is the oldest known game using a rubber ball.


  1. I love the motion depicted in these murals!

  2. Very detailed murals which tell a history.

  3. Not the mural subjects I expect to see in a church. But I know Mexico well enough to know of their immense pride in their pre-Columbian cultures. And lucky enough to have seen the venado dance. Can't wait to see the church next week. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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