Friday, December 25, 2015

Beans and Cheese

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December 2015 - El Quelite Mexico

Last week we visited the town of El Quelite with friends, around 25 miles from Mazatlan, where we are currently staying.
One of the reasons I love to travel is to see what life is like elsewhere and to discover off the track towns.
This is mainly agricultural country and the young people stay as there are jobs.

The first place we stopped, because Bill knows the ladies and had brought pastries for the holiday season was the bean factory.

 There are two women working here. Their job is to separate the good beans from bad and remove any rocks or sticks that were picked up when harvesting. These are the beans that all good Mexican ladies use to make refried beans.
The woman that I didn't photograph owns the cheese factory in town.

We also went to the cheese factory. John was busy trying to improve the process while Bill says "why"? If you improve efficiency then you put people out of work. I say you improve and perhaps you can produce more. But then, they know their market and we don't.

 First step is taking this liquid, part milk and part powdered milk and putting into the containers.

   There are two young men working, they are about 16 years of age.

The container the first man is holding contains something to sour the milk, likely vinegar. Just like we make buttermilk.

These containers get stirred around.

These are the molds they will then pour it into to set.


  1. Happy HOlidays, Jackie! Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  2. I love touring places and learning how different things are done. I've always wanted to visit Mexico and this post is really interesting to me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That was an interesting behind the scenes pictorial. Looks like they have the process down pat.

  4. Very interesting! I love that you go off the beaten path in your travels!

  5. Very interesting! Lots I did not know.

  6. Happy holidays! Enjoy your stay across the border. This was a fascinating post -- Like Gramma said, a lot I didn't know.

  7. So interesting! What an off-the-beaten-track place to visit.

  8. I wish we were closer to Mexico so we could just pop over the border. :) I'm glad I don't have the bean job!

  9. wow. interesting. I love cheese and refried beans!. But it's always a dicey thing getting to see how things are made; sometimes it's better not to know! Looks like an interesting experience. thanks for visiting #wkendtravelinspiration.


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