Sunday, December 27, 2015

El Quelite Mexico

December 2015 - El Quelite Mazatlan

Click here for some highlights from El Quelite and here for lots of photos of the church.

Last Saturday Bill and Carol picked us up for the short drive to El Quelite.

Our main goal is breakfast at this place.

When you turn off the highway to head into town (the road has been paved much to Bill's dismay) there are bougainvilleas lining the road these were donated by the owner of restaurant.

Our first stop is the bean factory.

Walking towards the restaurant.

El Quelite is a lovely quaint town full of colourful buildings, boutiques and leafy streets.

Entrance to the restaurant.

We head out the back to see the large rental hall.

Who's a handsome fella?

Back inside.

There's chickens and even a peacock wandering around. It was a little cool for the iguanas much to Carol's pleasure as she has been pooped upon.

Back outside and time to wander about town.

Can you see the oranges in the tree?

Town plaza next to the church.

I especially like this skull depicting the town, a little too large for my suitcase, though and we still have many towns to visit.

A roof garden!

A new restaurant opened in town so we took a look. We ended up coming back on Wednesday for lunch so I'll include that here. The building has been restored to its original beauty. It was built in 1899.

John opted for the beef stew which was supposed to be spicy, nope.

Carol had the salmon which looked really good.

Bill and I had the roast chicken and John enjoyed Bill's jalapeno.


  1. Very eclectic! The naked woman wall decoration, of course, would shock the Sisters Of Little Or No Mercy.

  2. The colours and the wood carvings are lovely, Jackie! :) I heard, rather shockingly, that there'd been snow in Mexico today! I hope it hasn't affected your holiday. Many thanks for sharing.

    1. I know they had snow in Denning New Mexico. The northern parts of Mexico have been known to get a dusting or two.

  3. A very colourful walk through a vibrant looking town.


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