Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Stroll Around Town

December 2015 - Mazatlan Mexico

We tagged along after breakfast at Torres Mazatlan with Bill and Carol downtown. Bill had some errands to run. It was a very humid day!

We parked in Bill's usual spot and Willie had a wash while parked there. This sign says we do not accept bills bigger than $500.00. That is pesos so to figure out the prices you can use a quick divide by 10 to convert into dollars. Currently the US dollar is at about $16 pesos to a dollar and the Canadian is at 11.40.

First stop was the watchmaker. Mexicans take pride in their work and will fix items that at home you would be told that it couldn't be fixed.

Carol had a spot on her camera and contacted a blogger (Canadian spends winters down here) who suggested she take it here. No problemo, will take it apart and clean it.

Next door to the camera shop.

Looking down the street from the camera shop.

Lovely old colonials in this area. Some need some loving care and must be restored to their original condition on the outside. I will post more later.

Always colourful.

Getting to the heart of town, the square and church.

No shortage of shoe shine and shoe repair around the square.

Thirsty? Raspado is a Mexican snow cone. Ice Shaved into a ball and flavored with a syrup of your choice.

Don't worry there will be many more photos of the church.

We walk around the church and head towards the market.

A quick peek into Panama's window.

Bill's next purchase, ribbon in the Mexican flag colours for Willie's antenna.

Across the aisle.

Hungry? Just pull up a seat on the road.

I had mentioned to Carol a while ago that I loved a photo she had posted of embroidered cushions  and she said we should check out the fabric stores to see if they sold any kits like these.

There are a lot of fabulous fabric stores right around the market. I will get some more photos another day. We visited several and were even directed back to the market where Bill bought his ribbon. No luck, they did have linen stamped with designs but very basic and not what I was looking for. Thank goodness for Bill's Spanish skills!!

Back in the food section of the market. Everything is so fresh!

John, picking out some peaches and apples. We get so excited because the peaches actually smell like peaches!

This stall sells religious candles and other various statues including skeletons.

John and Bill on a mission to find some light shorts. Done.

Time to stop at Beach Burger for cold drinks. The owner comes out to give Carol a hug.

There's always something to entertain you in Plaza Machado. These girls were rehearsing a dance routine.
Click here for some decorations in the plaza.

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