Sunday, March 3, 2013

Menu Plan Update - Week 9

This is our second week in Mazatlan and we've been eating out as there is so much variety and especially an abundance of fresh fish.

SUNDAY - lazy cloudy day
Dinner - Torres Mazatlan Palapa Restaurant

MONDAY bus into town
Lunch - Shrimp Bucket 
Dinner - cheese and crackers

TUESDAY day trip to Malpica bakery and church and tile making/Concordia/Copola
Lunch - Copola Daniel's mediocre we didn't even take photos of our food.
Dinner - hamburger stew to use up some of the vegetables

WEDNESDAY pool day and lunch in Zona Dorada
Lunch - burgers at Mary's
Dinner - pork shops with cauliflower

THURSDAY photo trip to town
Lunch - Shrimps at Dunia
Snacks - nachos 
Dinner - bacon and eggs 

FRIDAY pool day and then to town for dinner at Plaza Machado
Lunch - tuna sandwiches
Dinner - Casa Canobbio - terrible

Lunch - pool side calamari and nachos and cheese 

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