Monday, March 15, 2021

Monday Mural

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February 2021 - Hamilton ON

From this visit to Hamilton.

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario Lester Coloma has been professionally hand painting murals since 1996. He has since been awarded commissions for corporate clients including Caesar’s Casino Windsor, Whole Foods Market and Busch Gardens.
Coloma was commissioned to paint this portrait to highlight Hamilton’s claim to fame as “The Electric City”. In the late 1890s, Nikola Tesla helped establish a hydroelectric power plant in the city. With reliable and affordable power now available, Hamilton became an attractive manufacturing destination and “The Steel City” was born.

Missed this the first time we were looking for it.
Hamilton is home to one of only two airworthy Lancaster bombers left in the world. And the only one you can purchase a flight on via the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. For those who can't splurge on a flight, there's still lots of ways to marvel at this famous WWII plane with local flyovers, grounded at the museum and now – thanks to local artist Scott McDonald.


  1. ...more murals to put on my to see list.

  2. The portrait is well done, but the mural of the planes is fantastic! Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jackie.
    Great header photo too!

  3. Wow, the airplanes ,, wow!

  4. I saw the plane flying over Queens Park last year. It looked terrific.

  5. Both of these are fantastic, but that plane mural stole the show, I believe.

  6. The Electric City really appeals to me.

  7. The Lancaster mural really stands out.

  8. I love the artistry of the Tesla mural.


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