Monday, February 3, 2020

Monday Mural

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September 2019 - Toronto ON

The wall alongside the Long & McQuade parking lot got an artistic refresh.
Working with the theme of "Celebrating Creativity", it was interpreted as music by Jarus and Jason Pinney of One Day Creates.

A mix of cubanism and realism created this beautiful piece - and features a precious Les Paul guitar.

This is a mural update - as seen in 2018. This link contains a history of the Long and McQuade business.

Back in 2008, Jason adorned the same wall with a scene celebrating the community with music.

As an aside, the building contains a historical plaque also about music.

The Concord Tavern opened in this building on June 14, 1948. It originally operated as a restaurant with live music, hosting big band concerts. There was no cover charge; the alcohol-free section was marked on the floor with tape. During the early 1960s, as the focus shifted to rock, country, and blues music, major acts such as Conway Twitty, Bo Diddley, and Duane Eddy came here to play. Around the same time, musician Ronnie Hawkins recruited a house band, The Hawks, who played high-energy rockabilly during the club's twist dance parties. The Hawks performed seven nights a week, sometimes sleeping upstairs. They later became The Band, one of North America's most influential groups, and created a new electric sound as Bob Dylan's back-up band. As business waned in the late 1970s and early 1980s, management increasingly booked adult performers. The Concord Tavern closed in 1983.


  1. Tape? Funny idea... great murals!

  2. They are both fabulous Jackie. The women in the top one looks very real!
    Thanks for contributing.

  3. I agree with Sami. At first glance, I thought the woman was real.

  4. I remember the Concord but never went there.


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