Saturday, February 1, 2020

Off The Eaten Path

January 2020 - Toronto ON

2020 - Toronto ON

We spent the weekend as we usually do, watching what we wanted, reading.

I came across this article about a song A Bad Day on the Subway

We didn't do much this week. John met a friend for lunch. I did some poking in the stores, nothing bought other than fruits and vegetables. A Costco run.

When I was out on Monday the Scotiabank Arena has this tribute on their big screen.

Thursday we went to the Distillery District for the Light Fest. It was a cold night but we bundled up.

Lots of yarn wrapped trees.

YAY a display inside!

Click here to see the 2018 display.

Grabbed the streetcar and had a Starbucks while waiting for the bus.

Friday I checked out the Oreo pop up in Union Station.

An OREO shop has popped up at Toronto’s Union Station to offer free cookies for a limited time.

A memorial outside the Scotiabank Arena where the Raptors play.

I had made a rough menu plan for the week. If something didn't happen, I crossed it off.

Blueberry pancakes and sausages
Apple blackberry crisp I also added blueberries and cranberries

Chicken mozzarella pasta and garlic green beans

Lamb chops roast potatoes and carrots

Chili and garlic bread

Chili leftovers and grapefruit salad

Fish  Jollof cauliflower rice  salmon and grapefruit salad

Chinese pork and green beans ordered Swiss Chalet chicken after the Light Fest

Chicken Kiev Steak and stir-fried onions, peppers, bean sprouts and mushrooms


Not a lot of reading done, I've been binge watching The Final Table on Netflix.

And started on The Chef's Line.

I did try to be a serious reader and started The Golden House by Rushdie. But I just couldn't stick with it.

Instead I went to a Canadian, Louise Penny, The Kingdom of the Blind and am enjoying it.

Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.


  1. Wow, those pictures are amazing! And I love the sound of that crisp. I like mixing lots of fruits.

  2. Punning food names are fun — I like the “eaten” path!

    best... mae at

  3. The lighting show is terrific. I wonder if yours came first or that of London's Canary Wharf.

  4. I had no idea that you could watch The Chef's Line overseas. One of the judges is now going to be a judge on Masterchef Australia, so we will have to see how both shows go with the changes in lineup this year!

    1. I picked up Chef's Line on Netflix. I can also watch it on DailyMotion.
      I am totally addicted to Masterchef Australia and My Kitchen Rules, which I also watch on DailyMotion.

  5. You're making me want to try those blueberry pancakes and sausages - delicious!

    Looks like a fun week for you - that light festival looks like it was fun. We have something like that here during the summer - BLINK - definitely a lot of walking for sure.

  6. The Light Fest photos are so beautiful!

  7. Wow. I would love to see that Light Show in person. It's a show that people of all ages would enjoy, even young children. Magical.

    An Oreos pop-up? There'd be huge lines here.

    Everyone is sad about Kobe Bryant.

    Sometimes I try serious books and they just feel too serious to me. I much prefer books that feel genuine. Sometimes serious books are overworked.

    Have a lovely week!

  8. The Light Festival looks amazing - I loved what you showed - happy new week.

  9. Love the festive light displays and the yarn wrapped trees:) The latter we saw them a lot here about 8 years ago, but they have all disappeared here. Also, knitting is not as "hot" anymore as it used to be! Can see on your faces it's very cold outside. The RIP's all the way in Toronto for Kobe are touching. It's sad that almost his whole family was wiped out in that crash. Many thanks for this "didn't do much" week - plenty for All Seasons! Do I need to wish you a week with "a lot to do?" Or? Anyways, have a grand week!

  10. I really have to visit the Distillery District the next time I'm there.


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