Saturday, September 22, 2018


September 2018 - Toronto ON

2018 - Stratford ON


Six Word Saturday

I attended an AGO Intro to Art for Extreme Beginners from 2 to 5.

I was early (quelle surprise!) so wandered around.

I just love the back of the AGO! So different from the front.

Cool mural as I looked for my classroom,

The class covered painting, sculpture, print making and drawing over three hours. We started with painting and were given a model of two propped up skeletons  dressed in a straw hat, another in a construction vest and hard hat sharing a pitcher of wine on a table.

NOT my attempt! Mine was marginally better. Fun start, with the instruction doing a good job of guiding us.

We moved onto sculpture where the instructor was also very good and helpful. We were told to do a head bust.

My first attempt, ever, at sculpting!

Print making followed, with a dismal instructor who had no agenda, hopped from step to step and left most of us frustrated.

Last was drawing, good instructor but by now we were short on time. Still fun, first exercise was to draw your partner's face without looking at the paper!!

I made Indian meatballs  with onion bhajis and naan for dinner. Well, that was the plan but I was zonked from my artistic afternoon so we ordered chicken instead.

We finally watched The Shape of Water and really liked it! We had seen a display of Canadian made movie costumes back in May that included Shape so I am showing them here again.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge SMALL

Another gorgeous day and we took a late afternoon walk along the lake.

I was looking for this new art installation but John spotted it first (and he didn't know about it).

Looking towards home, we're on the left.

None of these buildings were here when we moved in six years ago but they have brought shops, bars and restaurants along with a good general grocery store.

I made up the meatballs for lunches this week. We've done a great job eating from our freezer and pantry over the last few weeks but I felt like a roast.

Roast beef and potatoes with carrots, peas and corn.

Foto Tunes
Monday Mural

We didn't get off to a good start, I had booked us both for mani-pedis at 10 AM at a local place about 5 minutes away. Long story short, girl who made my appointment is back at school, girl outside didn't have keys, owner stuck in traffic, come back in 15 minutes? Eh, no, this is not how to run a business.

John headed out to golf and dinner with a friend.

I wanted to check out Joe Fresh on Queen St. West.

Queen St. West has quite a few fabric/bead stores west of Spadina, but not as many as in the past.


John had class, I did laundry and contemplated going out, it was a beautiful warm day, but opted to stay home.


I headed out to Burlington with John, he to golf, me to spend the afternoon with my BFF.
We went shopping and oohed and aahed over many things, enjoying ourselves but contained ourselves in purchases.

The four of us then went to dinner at The Judge and Jury pub.

Thursday Doors
Kammie's Odd Ball Challenge

John - class.

We decided on an early pizza dinner at Pizza Libretto before taking the Front St. bus to the Distillery District to the theatre to see an in-house written and produced by Soulpepper A Moveable Feast.
What a show! I now need to brush up on my Hemingway and learn more about this period in history and music that includes Josephine Baker, the Harlem Hellfighters.

I need to read about the character that Cole Porter wrote this song -Ada "Bricktop" Smith, here sung by Bette Midler.

Based on the memoirs of the great author Hemingway, A Moveable Feast: Paris In The 20s provides audiences with an intimate and insightful look into the legendary Ernest's time in Paris. Take a trip down the Seine with Hemingway's friends, his struggles and his own personal observations all to beautiful and melodious music.

One of the fun things about Soulpepper’s concert series is finding ways to present songs in new contexts. With A Moveable Feast: Paris in the ‘20s, we were inspired by the experimental spirit of Les AnnĂ©es Folles. Looking beyond the more romantic ideas of the time, we found songs that could lyrically illuminate and musically suit the themes and style of the day. This friction between modern day songs and yesterday’s sounds, the familiar and the unfamiliar, English and French, is where we wanted to live. This was an extraordinary time. People were attempting to understand what it meant to be alive in a postwar world, unaware of the destruction that lay ahead. Artists looked inward, moving away from the pursuit of beauty towards a more complex, personal expression. And at night, they threw off the weight of the world and they partied, putting the ‘crazy’ in The Crazy Years. It would be impossible to capture a complete picture of the decade, so we’ve focused on the expatriate artist experience, particularly the American one, as the influence of these artists on Paris is matched only by Paris’s influence on them. 
Sarah Wilson, Co-Creator

Street car home along Queen St. West.

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John went golfing and I needed to get the Letter L for the roundup.
So I took the subway to Lawrence West, a station I have never been in.

And then down to Dundas Square.

Quite a gold car!

I'm missing some photos that were on John's phone, which he lost on the golf course, hopefully it will be found!


September 2018 - Gift shop Queen St. W Toronto ON

Anatomy of a Scandal is about the power of men in high places, quite relevant in light of today's new stories about rape and women's fear of revealing these travesties especially when the are very young.
Also reading Two Can Play at the same time.


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  1. Wonderful photos, great fabric, and interesting quotes!!~ you lead a really full and interesting life !! thanks for sharing your travels and adventures.

  2. A fab week and great photos as usual, but that Soulpepper show sounds amazing! I think you're inspiring me to start an "eat from the freezer" week. :)

    1. The show was incredible.
      Eating from the freezer is not always inspiring, but really, mine was so full it was ridiculous.

  3. Another great week Jackie! I always enjoy following you on your travels and seeing the sights around your home. Fab pics as always. :)

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. I hope you and John have a good weekend!

  4. You live in such an interesting place and do so many cool things!! I'd love to hear more about the "roundup" you mentioned - sounds intriguing and a way to see things you haven't seen before?

    The art class sounds like fun! I LOVED art when I was a kid but haven't done much artistically (except writing) since then, except for arts & crafts with the kids when they were little :) I would think skeletons would be a difficult thing for beginners to paint!

    So many people have raved about The Shape of Water but it sounds so strange! We've been afraid to give it a try (actually, I think my husband just said no!).

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend -


    Book By Book

    1. Thanks, sue, for your comments. The roundup is a weekly alphabet challenge hosted by

      We run through 1)the alphabet, 2) choose a favourite starting with the same letter, 3) then a chosen word by Tom. I chose the theme of our subway system which is taking me to stations I've never been.

      We didn't feel comfortable about The Shape, and for a few minutes, I wondered, but then was hooked.

  5. Sounds like another very interesting week! Hope John's phone turns up!

  6. You had a very full week. The book mural is so telling of our times. - Margy

  7. I love going along for the tour! That display of clothing was so cool and sometimes I wish we still dressed this way.
    Bummer about the mani-peds and you are right, no way to run a business.

    I am halfway through the latest Cormoron Strike novel - it's good!

  8. Like the sound of the artsy day, Jackie :) :) Dread to think what my sculpting would look like. Have a great week!

  9. It's the skeleton with the straw hat that just stays with me!

  10. I like the bust you made. Thank you for reminding me that I still haven't seen "The Shape of Water" and need to get around to doing so. The gold car is really EXTRA.


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