Saturday, November 14, 2015

inSPIREd Sunday

September 2015 - Galway Ireland

Galway Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galway, Kilmacduagh & Kilfenora. The word "cathedral" is derived from the Greek "kathedra", meaning a seat; and indeed this seat is to be found within the sanctuary of the Cathedral.

Construction began in 1958 on the site of the old city prison.
The Cathedral of Galway was dedicated on 15 August 1965, and as such is the youngest of Europe's great stone cathedrals. it is dedicated to Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and Saint Nicholas.

I noticed that you had to pay to use the toilets.


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  2. I don't mind paying for the toilets, if they're clean. Love the inside of this church. It's very sombre, but beautiful.

    1. I don't mind either, it was just the only place I saw around Ireland charging for bathrooms.

  3. I hope you had the correct change. :)

    The inside is lovely but the stone makes me feel chilly.

  4. Wonderful for the eyes, but I wonder how it is on the ears!

  5. Amazing use of stone! It's so massive...

  6. I was surprised at the stone inside but I really like it! Great place!

  7. A beautiful modern stone building. But the purple light is a bit spooky. Is that the photograph or was there really purple light coming from somewhere?

  8. gorgeous. i love the candle area ... love that lighting. ( :
    enjoy your bike header shot. i want a bike like that. so cool.

  9. You make me jealous visiting all these Irish churches


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