Saturday, January 17, 2015

This Is How We Vegas - Week 5

Saturday - I was warned the weekend would be all about football!

However it turned out to be an interesting morning. Received a call at 11AM from condo front desk stating we would have to move buildings due to an unplanned closure of the building we were in. I was righteously incensed on the phone and received a credit of our resort fees $100. After much muttering and complaining by both of us Project Team McWood sprang into action and we were packed, moved and settled by 1:30 with a quick run to the grocery store and homemade fajitas for lunch.

They did bring the new keys to us and also offered help to move which we declined.

Dinner  was pork chops, braised red cabbage and broccoli and cheese smashed potatoes using two new recipes.

Sunday - a rare occurrence, a rainy overcast day.
Since John was hunkered down watching football I strolled over to the casino as they were having a motorcycle auction and had antique models on display.
I followed the crowd and ended up in the arena where they had motocross races taking place.

I finally found the motorcycle auction and it was astonishing how many motorcycles (750) were on display and for sale. many had already been sold. Click here to see the auction results.
No 1: 1952 Vincent C Rapide

Lot S59
Sold for $132,500

I took many photos which I will post later.

These casinos are so huge!!!
At South Point the bowling lane has 64 lanes. There are six movie theatres.


Had a mention in William's blog Ottawa Daily Photo regarding a book about D'Arcy Mc Gee.
Also a mention and photos at a friend's blog Taking Routes, they were with us for two weeks over the holidays and are now back in COLD Calgary!

John golfed with two Vegas friends at Rhodes Ranch.

Dinner was a take on my  au gratin potatoes recipe to which I added cauliflower, broccoli and leftover roast chicken.

A lovely sunset.

Tuesday we did some groceries and picked up friends at the airport at 1:30. K and B arrived from frigid Toronto to spend a few days celebrating B's birthday. We are excited to show them "our" Vegas.
Approaching the airport.

Once they were checked in we went for beers to get caught up.

Time to check out the sights. First to Wynn's.

Then through Palazzo, the Christmas  decorations have been replaced with Chinese New Year.

In Venetian we took the gondola ride and bought the requisite photo, we always do this when we travel together.

It was time for them to put their feet up after flying and losing three hours.

Wednesday we picked them up at 10 AM and headed to Hoover Dam.

We couldn't walk across the bridge as it was under inspection. We all agreed we wouldn't want to have this job description.

We headed into Boulder City, the city that built the dam, for lunch.
But first we pulled over when we spotted these two having their lunch. i think, a very fortuitous find, as 2015 is the year of the sheep/ram/goat for Chinese New Year.

The guys had burgers, I had wings (really really good) and K had a hot dog.

Time to saunter around this delightful town.

We spent some time in the museum located in the hotel. I will post the exhibits in a separate post.

We drove back into town and stopped into Paris where we wandered around and then had a drink in Mon Ami Gabi where we could see the Waters at Bellagio.

Check out the bathroom sinks.

We were walking K and B back to their hotel when we decided we would check out the Chinese New Year display in Bellagio. It was perfect as there were very few people.

They went back to Treasure Island we came back to the condo and had bread and cheese for dinner.

Thursday we picked them up with their luggage as they had decided to come stay with us for two nights.

We drove to Red Rock Canyon about thirty minutes straight up Charleston. We've been here at least three or four times but it is always a stunning outing.

Unaware they are being photographed along with Monkey!

Lunch at Red Rock Casino, The Yardhouse, a big favourite of ours ever since we found it in Honolulu.

See the server over B's shoulder? In a few minutes she manages to tip his glass with the menus and John ends up beer battered. She apologizes but doesn't offer an compensation other than the numerous towels required to dry John. She brings the bill, the manager walks by and asks how our meal was, B explains and he says he will take care of that. She appears and asks if the bill is ready, she is told that the manager is taking care of it. I'll bet she was not pleased. The manager removed these two beers from the tab.

Time to head back, put our feet up at the condo.

B and K's unit.

K was starting a cold so she rested. The three of us went to the casino and spent an hour playing and then picked up Asian food for dinner.

Friday  was B's birthday. K woke with a full blown cold, John was coughing so we lazed around and then K wanted to pick up some items so we went to Planet Hollywood.

Errands completed and we went to lunch. Funny enough, we chose a place that we also first discovered in Hawaii, first in Maui and then in Honolulu, Cheeseburger in Paradise. The best burger we've had in Vegas so far.

Back to get the car. The original plan was to spend the day here and there and end up on Fremont for a special birthday dinner. We adjusted the plan  and took K back to nap for the afternoon and then pick her up for dinner.

We took B to the Mob Museum as he had expressed an interest.
We had been here back in 2013 just after it opened and enjoyed it just as much this time.

Driving back along the Strip to pick up K.

K had just woken up and we decided that it wasn't really a good idea to go to Fremont if she wasn't feeling well. We walked over to South Point Casino and ate in Silverado, their steak house and I would say one of their best restaurants.


  1. You've been very busy. Red Rock appeals to me, and those goats look like real characters. The motorbikes, of course, really speak to me!

  2. well it looks like you are having a fun time.

  3. The place where you staying looks brilliant .. I would stay there. I am not sure about visiting "Bellagio" in the USA , as I have been to Bellagio in Italy 3 times , love it ..But it all likes great fun. You all look like you had a ball :-)

  4. Awesome recap. Love those motorcycle photos.

  5. Fascinating post. I got quite exhausted reading it! Some amazing sights, but the jury is definitely out on those bar stools. And I think you should have had a full refund, at least; accidents happen, but, c'mon!


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