Friday, December 26, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

So here we are, at the end of the fifth year of Sepia Saturday, still going strong, still going sepia. Tradition dictates that we slow things down a little over the festive season with a single call covering both Christmas and New Year. And tradition dictates that it is a festive prompt. So here it is - families, festivities, trees, candles and wine. The image comes from the Flickr stream of the Archives of the Royal Family of Denmark. All you have to do is to post an old image linked to this seasonal theme (or not if you are a Sepia Scrooge) sometime over the festive season and link it to the list below. And don't forget to keep coming back to check out the updated links to the Christmas Linky List.

December 1957 - Montreal QC

Last week I posted an early morning photo of us opening gifts.

This was all the family we had in Canada and my uncle had invited two Irish friends who didn't have any family either.

Standing from left to right: Unknown, Uncle Brendan, Seamus Doyle (a good friend of my uncle from Dublin - unmarried) my Dad.

Aunty Nell and my Mom

My sister, Ursula and me. My doll was called Juliette.

I wonder who took the photo? A female guest of one of the men?


  1. That's really a shot out of the mists of time....

  2. Looks like everyone was having a good time!

  3. Love your two entries.
    I do like more formal dressing,
    even if the tie tends to come loose eventually.
    You would find it quite mild here in Montreal for the Holidays season.
    We've been above the freezing point lately.
    Happy new year!!

  4. A very happy photo and well done for remembering your doll’s name too!