Monday, December 8, 2014

On The Road Again - Day 4

347 miles   5 hrs 20 mins Nashville TN to Little Rock AR

Day 3 - 218 miles / 351 km Lexington KY to Nashville TN gained one hour

Day 2 - 385 Miles - 620 Km  5 hours 51 mins Cranberry Township PA to Lexington KY

Day 1 - 298 Miles - 480 Km 4 hours 37 mins Toronto to Cranberry Township PA

Grey and 7C as we left Nashville this morning. The sun kept teasing us as we went towards Memphis and continued to keep peeking out.

One of several Quebec convoys heading south.

We stopped for coffee in a small town in Tennessee. Cashier says "you're from up north", we say "how can you tell?". He says "it's a look, I have family in New York and can always tell".

Red white and blue!


Pulling into Little Rock.

Outside the Hampton Inn and going for a walk along River Walk.

We would have a great dinner here later.

Lights on the side of the Flying Fish.

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  1. Quite an eclectic mix of sculptures... that pyramid is something else!


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