Sunday, December 14, 2014

On The Road Again - Day 10

449 miles 6 h 45 min  I-10 W and US-95 N/Rte 95 N Tucson AZ to Las Vegas NV gained one hour
Day 9 - Tucson AZ

Day 8 - 274 miles 4 hours Las Cruces NM to Tucson AZ

Day 7 - 256.5 miles 3 h 44 min Pecos TX to Las Cruces NM gained one hour

Day 6 - 400 miles 5.5 hrs Fort Worth TX to Pecos TX

Day 5 - 352 miles 5 hrs Little Rock AR to Fort Worth TX

Day 4 - 347 miles   5 hrs 20 mins Nashville TN to Little Rock AR

Day 3 - 218 miles / 351 km Lexington KY to Nashville TN gained one hour

Day 2 - 385 Miles - 620 Km  5 hours 51 mins Cranberry Township PA to Lexington KY

Day 1 - 298 Miles - 480 Km 4 hours 37 mins Toronto to Cranberry Township PA

This is the longer route which cuts through California, where the gas is the most expensive!! But it avoids going straight north and through snow country around Flagstaff. In March 2013 we encountered snow driving through there so we now always take the longer way!

We also said we would probably shorten the last day of the drive by breaking it up.

We woke to a cloudy rainy day due to the Pineapple Express. Another good reason not to go near Flagstaff as it was snowing there. We had breakfast in the hotel, the first breakfast we had to pay for since being on the road. We then decided that we would do our groceries before we started our drive.
So we found a Fry's, took our card with us and saved $32 on our order.

By 10 AM we were heading out of Tucson and the skies were a leaden grey dumping buckets of rain. 
Driving was slow but within forty five minutes the skies started to clear and we had blue skies with puffy white clouds for the rest of the drive.

OOPS forgot about California Inspection when we bought our groceries this morning!! All the border guard asked was where we were coming from and going to.

No idea why the passenger door is open.

The sun sets early here, it was getting dark by 4:15.

Totally dark as we enter Las Vegas at 5PM. So glad we had our groceries.

Snapped this as we turned into the resort.

We are settled now until next Saturday! I "took" the photo of the resort from their website. 

It will be so nice to do some home cooking. Dinner was a salad of kale, brussel sprouts, snap peas, carrots, celery.


  1. A wonderful series of photos! Gorgeous skies!

  2. What strikes me is the starkness of the terrain.