Friday, December 26, 2014

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December 2014 - Las Vegas NV

Every time we come to Vegas I have to visit Bellagio's Conservatory, click here for links to their previous displays.  And, again, noted, I haven't shown their Chinese New Year display from 2013. 
Will rectify that shortly.

Behind their front desk. Photos are a combination of mine and John's.

At the Conservatory’s entrance, oversized ornaments and four 18-foot-tall LED white holiday trees covered in faux snow create a sparkling path toward a walk-through snow globe.

 A mother polar bear adorned with 12,000 white carnations keeps a watchful eye on her three cubs as they slip and slide across icebergs floating in a winter pond. Like mother bear, the cubs are each adorned with 5,000 white carnations.

 John, playing with his new camera, created this photo using "selective colour".

The majestic holiday tree, decorated with 7,000 warm white LED lights and 2,500 ornaments, stands as the Conservatory’s focal point.

Two 12-foot-tall animated snow globes placed on each side of the tree, showcase classic winter scenes. In one globe, ice skaters glide across an ice pond while carolers sing at the base of a spinning holiday tree in the other.

 Animated penguins can be found building igloos and frolicking with one another.


  1. What an amazing place!

  2. Great photos of gorgeous decorations. I've never been to Las Vegas, but I hope we're able to visit there in the coming year. Although we're not gamblers, I think we'd have a great time going to the shows and just seeing the sights.
    My Saturday Snapshots are HERE.

  3. How Christmas-y! I haven't been to Vegas since it became more family-friendly. Perhaps we'll head over there for a long weekend when the kids are a little older.

  4. Wow! Can't even imagine all that goes into making a display that large and detailed! So beautiful!

  5. What a great place. Casinos certainly have the money to splash about on decorations and grandiose displays- I visited the casino in Melbourne recently and was astonished by their display.


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