Saturday, January 25, 2014

inSPIREd Sunday - Malpica

Sally hosts inSPIREd Sunday!

February 2013 - Malpica Mexico

January 2014 - Malpica Mexico

More about this quaint town - click here.

The church has been repainted since we were here last year.

I've tried finding more information about this church but haven't be able to get any. 

John spotted this "vase" too cute but maybe they could have soaked the label off first?? The flowers smelled magnificent!


  1. so different. very unique indeed. i do have to ask why the glass box? i wonder what the significance of that is? is that Jesus in the box? ( :

    1. Not sure why they encase them but I find it creepy.

  2. Fantastic! The architecture of the church you show is so typical of that Spanish Mission style.

    Next Sunday, «Louis» will be posting Mission San Jose´, built in 1797 as part of the California mission chain. It is in the same style as what you show here today.
    «Louis» thanks you for visiting his inSPIREd Sunday post.

  3. Such meticulous attention to detail. Thank you for sharing this one.


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