Saturday, March 2, 2013

Concordia Mexico

On our tour this week to three Mexican colonial towns, Malpica, Concordia and Copala we visited the church in Concordia. I wouldn't recommend this tour from Vista tours. It is really a shopping tour designed to make you buy "stuff". The first stop before we even began was to a tequila distillery which was actually interesting. Onilikan is located in the Zona Dorada right in Mazatlan.

In Malpica we went to the bakery and that was good. Then we were taken to the Real McCoy silver jewelry shop. They have really nice pieces and I did buy one but I am sure that it wasn't really a bargain.

Next stop was on the highway outside Concordia to look at hand crafted wood products. They also sold some tacky clay pots and paintings. I didn't dare go near the silver vendor as I could hear his hard sell.

Concordia also offers an abundance of locally made pottery in the pre-Columbian motif. There is an old style town square, built in front of the church, which is a great place for photos. The church, is over 350 years old making it the oldest in the state of Sinaloa.

 This area produces mangos which are for sale everywhere in season during the summer. I wish our tour had made a stop at nearby mineral springs where the local women do their laundry, just as they have been doing for many generations.

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  1. That's a lovely church! Colonial architecture in Mexico produced some very impressive buildings! :o)

    In my family we tend to avoid organised tours like the plague... we're not fond of that feeling of being rushed from point A to B to C with barely enough time to enjoy things and feeling pushed to shop in certain stores... :o(


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