Friday, March 2, 2018

Comida Del Dia

FEBRUARY 2018 - Mazatlan Mexico

Carol's take on their Friday.

Six Word Saturday

This was by far the coldest day and we spent it inside reading. By mid-afternoon we decided we would brave the chill and go out to dinner.

We took the bus downtown and had the most spectacular sunset, the sky was glowing all around the bus.

An OMG moment, the street behind the market is almost paved.
From this...

To this.

We went to Casa Canobbio where we had gone last Sunday and we both had steaks with fries.

There was a young band playing 60s music.

Ex-pat entertaining with a set. See him about town all the time. everywhere.

I said I wasn't going to record him, but he was good.

Shadow Shot Sunday
Inspired Sunday
One Word Sunday

Finally a sunny day! Carol messaged and asked if we wanted to go to Las Labradas! Sure! Click here to see lots of rocks.

Carol's take on our day.

We were stalked by a guide that was supposed to direct/conduct us around the petroglyphs but we've been here before. Plus we needed to ditch her as Bill wanted to fly his drone. But it wasn't up long as it was too windy.

John caught me unawares, see our guide fed up sitting in the background.

John and Carol tracking down all the carvings.

A photo shoot.

We had our own photo shoot as John got us reflecting in a mirror.

Foto Tunes
Monday Mural

Carol's post on our day out in El Quelite.

We walked over to the RV park for our ride to El Quelite, for our last visit this year.

John, making himself at home, as Carol stomps to door wondering who has the nerve to walk right up to their place like that!

Gilberto's finished artwork.

A mural as you turn off the highway.

Delicate pink and white flowers!

John took this video as we entered town, the bougainvilleas are fabulous.

Then I shot this as we drove through before we got out.

Quiet compared to our last visit.

Some new tenants in place.

There is no shortage of food.

On the way back we stopped at Cerritos, where there are stalls and restaurants with very fresh fish as the fishermen stop here.

From there we drove to Mega/Soriana. Tres amigos!

We weren't there for groceries but rather the large outdoor craft market.

Carol's post from the craft show.

BREAD from SMA!!!! We ate a loaf from the bag before we even left the market resulting in more bread purchases!

I bought a mask, some scarves, some tortilla warmers, on a roll.

Ice cream.

Then a drive to El Mirador, we had not been up here before. Too bad the restaurant is closed, this would be quite the spot to sit.

Mazatlan - that tall greyish building in the far left is the Pacifico Beer Brewery. Carol tells us there is a dress code, no running shoes or sandals have to be Oxford shoes and long sleeves and pants. I checked and other people have also been turned away for their attire. HUH?? We have visited Guinness in Dublin, Heineken in Amsterdam and Carlsberg in Copenhagen and have never had a dress code.

Baja ferry.

 Stone Island, many ex-pats and gringos live here.

After all that hard work it was time to get some pool time.

We decided to go to the Welcome Party.

Waiter delivering a drink.

No rest for the wicked, sunset time.

Tuesday Treasures

Bill picks us up for breakfast at Lucky B's. We were here our first week and we had the same meal, omelet and ranchero eggs.

Then we strolled around as John had seen the only t-shirt he wanted here.

A close-up of this mural.

Pretty pulmonia.

Carol posted this sign a while ago, saying it makes her want to say "don't piss in the pasta" so of course we all now see that.

Drug and food menus.

Carol and I whipped into the mango tequilla factory, not even enough time for a sample!

Back for a lazy afternoon of reading and laundry.


Carol's update.

Bill and Carol picked us up at 10:30 as she wanted to pick up her glasses and we wandered around with a stop at the market.

Art Gallery

Plaza Machado.

Pizzas for lunch. We were sitting outside but the winds were so strong we were asked to move inside as they wanted to take down the awnings.

There were whitecaps on the water.

Came back and packed.

It just kept getting windier. There were whitecaps on the water.

How windy was it? This was posted on Facebook.

Very, very sad and frustrating day yesterday for the owner(s) of the Romance II trimaran. In yesterday's high wind out of the northwest, at the very low tide around 2 pm, they blew up onto the rocky beach just in front of Restaurant Bar La Costa Marinera. As the tide rose, they still had their sails up for maybe 45 minutes or so, and the wind pushed them further and further along the rocks. They started breaking up and finally grounded for good in front of Chili's Pepper. When we went back after dinner at Fat Fish, they were demolishing it in place and carrying pieces up onto the beach. 

Yes very sad we watched it struggle in the high winds and people had to jump off

port here in marina area was closed due to the winds and surf at entrance..... they must have enjoyed a spectacularly exciting trip. is very sad the boat got pulverized in surfline

Then headed downtown by taxi, as it was so windy to Plaza Machado and walked over to El Fish Market.

The white house on the corner is for sale, no idea how much work it might need.

Andrew Jackson Grayson spent some time in Mazatlan.
Born in 1818 in Louisiana, the son of a prosperous plantation owner, Andrew Jackson Grayson had always wanted to draw. One glimpse of Audubon’s Birds of the United States was enough to set Grayson on his life’s mission – bird painting – and his frustrating, tragic career as a scientist and artist, whose importance is only now being recognized.His artistic career matured during his time in Mazatlan. In his major works, Grayson’s technical skill exhibits a surprising ability to achieve dynamic compositions with brilliant color and exotic details.

You can read about his stay in this article. 
The article mentions a Christmas dinner he and his wife attended.

The main feature of this Christmas dinner, held at a Club de la Plazuela Machado, was that it was a multicultural, international event; and not only for the nationalities of the attendees, but also for the delicious dishes that were served there. Among the guests were the most prominent locals, American, German and English citizens. The United States Consul could not miss the Christmas party in the company of his entire family, Mr. and Mrs. Grayson, as well as the Prussian Consul and his wife. The wines of different nationalities flowed to excess. Mexican, American and European dances and songs could not be omitted. But the best of the night came in the form of the most exquisite dishes: Oyster, fish and turkey soup in gooseberry sauce. Then came the international desserts: English plum pudding; the Americans foot of hash and fruit cake; the German rote grutze (German pudding), and the French blancmange. Mexican cuisine was represented by an armadillo stew as well as some delicious cocadas.

There was no one out and about on the Malecon, it was too cold and windy and it was also Wednesday. We ate inside!

John and I shared an order of peel and eat shrimp, which surprisingly were warm.

We then both had the same meal as the last time, ahi tuna salad for me and grilled mahi mahi for John.


Looking back at El Fish Market.

March Monthly Theme
Thursday Doors

Travel day and we had checked out last night. After coffee we finished up packing by 11, checkout time, and stored our luggage at the office and went to the Palapa to meet Bill and Carol for coffee/lunch.

1:00 our luggage and John as we wait for King David to pick us up.

Uneventful flight to LA, easy customs and luggage pickup, not a long wait for the shuttle to LAX Hilton.

We were in time for Happy Hour in the executive lounge so that was dinner along with dessert.

Weekly Roundup

A rainy morning, so unusual for us in LA.

This time the complimentary breakfast was delicious in the lounge. Then we just relaxed watching the news and Facebook and seeing all the snow everywhere.

Shuttle to airport, easy customs with pre-TSA clearance so no need to remove shoes, belts, laptops etc.

We used the Alaska Air lounge while waiting for our flight.

I will post this as we await our flight in LA and come back with any updates as we will not be home before 10 PM EST.




Her Every Fear my second book from this author and this was a better book but it just become a mediocre read.

Our Little Secret now there was a main character you loved to hate! Angela is an entitled brat who can't be happy with what she has and has to ruin everything for everyone else. A good read.

Cracks the story just drifted and left me feeling they were a bunch of flat characters.

The Missing Ones received great reviews from most Goodreads readers, I found it a pretty average mystery/thriller.


Still Mine



  1. It looks like you've enjoyed your time there.

  2. What a beautiful spot. You captured everything so well. Thank you for this little tour.

  3. Such exciting adventures and looks like a wonderful time..

  4. ha, ha, ha on the guide getting fed up. Looks like a beautiful day! So much great stuff this week! Love the flowers, and the truck painting is pretty impressive. The first beach shot with the boat is fab -- love the sky. So weird about the dress code for the brewery!

    As always, love the food and the colors. The contrast with rainy, gray LA is striking.

  5. Love your photos, especially the sunset skies, and that glorious cactus, and the carvings on the rocks. Everything looks so coourful and exotic.

  6. Life could be so much worse, Jackie. Making the most of every day. :) :) Thanks for joining me.

  7. Looks like you had a good time at the diverse places! Good my hubby doesn't want to go South of the border -I would gain a ton of weight, when I look at this post! Yeah, I thought that was a drone! It looked like in one of the photos that they were drying palm leaves - do you know what that is for? Your post is an outing in itself for all the All Seasons-ers - thank you!! Have a great week:)

  8. My favorite is the photo of the golden mustard building with the flowers wrapped around it. Lovely photos! Have a great day.

  9. Thanks for sharing your week of fun and adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The old ex-pat is a pretty good singer. The Husband of mine liked his voice so much he came over to my desk to watch the video. Cheers to you!

  10. I'll never feel the same walking on grass again! SO many wonderful little time to comment...loved the bougainvillea and it reminded me of the first time I visited my parents and my much younger brother at their place in Baja. He was showing me around, boy-style, and I told him I just loved the beautiful flowered vines climbing up every wall. "Oh," he said, "just plain old bougainvillea!" I think he was about 5 years old. And a ferry from Mazatlan to Baja! Whodathunkit? There was barely a road, never mind a ferry, to La Paz or to Cabo when Mom and Dad and 'Roberto' started wintering in Mexico in the 60s. Big time sophisticated by old Baja standards, that ferry! I always enjoy your nice, long, informative posts!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

    1. Thanks, Kay. Never thought about the ferry not being there. I just looked it up and it looks like the ferries started in the mid 70s.


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