Thursday, March 3, 2016

Semana Once - Puerto Vallarta

February 2016 - Puerto Vallarta Mexico


Not much to report for today. We went to the pool at 10 and spent most of the day there, always in the shade except for dips to cool down.


Cleaning day so we headed out at 10 for downtown. Such a difference from the last time as we made sure there weren't any cruise ships in town.  Tuesday and Wednesday had ships each holding 5,000 passengers. It is not pretty when they all hit town.

We walked the Malecon because we wanted some additional photos, the light was great and the waves were stupendous.
Click here for lots more photos and details.

I love finding inukshuks on our travels!

We reach our intended destination Rio Cuale.

My gal, Frida is everywhere.

So quiet, hard to imagine all the busyness taking place aroun us.

Lots of murals decorating the buildings, click here for some more.

We headed to Los Muertos Brewery for some lunch and it was a great find. Click here for photos of their t-shirts.

John's beer is a McSanchez.

That is a big chunk of grilled goat cheese, delicious.

Chicken wings with Frank's Hot Sauce.

Tempting bakery.

Back along the beach.

Shrimp on a stick vendor.

We catch him later as he rolls up his pants to cross the Rio Cuale along the beach,

Oyster man is doing a thriving business, too bad I don't have anyone to share them with.

Jose doing another tour, we had stopped earlier in the day.

We picked up a BBQ chicken for dinner.


Lazy day by pool and then headed out to Marina for dinner. Was really busy so we strolled while deciding where to go and ended up at Porto Bello. Had a table inside and didn't mind as it was a very humid evening.

We both had caesar salad and chicken parmesan, which was really good.


Pool time, scrabble, golf and reading. Steaks for dinner with really good broccoli.


Another morning by the pool, our peaceful oasis had one other sunbather.

We headed out and had a taxi drop us at Hotel Rosita, the beginning of the Malecon. This hotel has been here since 1948 and has expanded over the years.
Some murals in the lobby.

Some street art.

The plan was to go shopping at the market but never made it there. Stopped for a beer on the beach and got talking about a place we used to go to and I said it's right around here. We googled and it still existed so we walked there and that was us done.

See the sign, since 1982? We were here in 1983 and a few years after that. Back then if John we wanted to watch Monday Night Football we had to find a sports bar and I think El Torito was the first in town.

 Sat on sidewalk had a margarita which lasted forever. These are classic margaritas, not the frozen slushy kind. Click here for our recipe.

The server wanted to know French expressions for serving Quebecers (been told twice now by servers that they won't/don't speak English) so we did a French lesson with me writing down the sentences and then him writing his way so he could say them, was a lot of fun. Then talked a whole bunch of other things, young guy was from Ecuador studying criminal justice in PV.

Then two men sat at the next table both smoking cigars so I asked where they had  bought them and next thing John is going down the street to get some cigars.

Dinner - half rack of ribs were good but not as good as Fat Fish in Mazatlan!

We strolled before we grabbed a cab.

Very creative street performer.



Morning was spent relaxing ( I know tough life) and then go out for a burger, right here in the mall. I had read great reviews about Jean's Hamburgers but alas it was closed up tight. Decisions!!

We opted to walk to the Marina and have a burger at an American style diner, I mean a burger there should be good, it is packed every evening with gringos. The place is cute.

The burger, meh, too dry and was fried not grilled.

Back for a scrabble game, and damn, if it is 3 games to 0 for John.



After a morning lounging by the pool, around noon John kindly went and made us a picnic lunch of sandwiches. We then played another game, and yes I lost again.
Then we headed downtown for Art Walk. I love Art Walk in Mazatlan where it is held monthly, but here it is weekly and really small. Not impressive.

We've photographed this church before but today it just looked good.

Discovered a parking lot full of murals and the attendant invited us in to take photos. here's just one.

A bar, called Zoo has a bar shaped like Noah's Ark.

 Some art.

Sidewalk art

Local Indian art in a shop.

Pharmacy art

Beach art - inukshuks.

We find a place for dinner where we can watch the sunset, La Posta. Pizza and salad.

Start of sunset.

And so ends week 11!! Just two more to go.
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  1. Some fascinating sculptures there- and I've never seen a street performer dressed as an Alien!

  2. I like reading your post about Mexico. It reminds me of all the great places I want to visit. Puerto Vallarta is high on my list. A lot of friends recommend it. Next weekend I am visiting new places in the Baja Peninsula.

  3. Wow, that's a huge post, I'm not even sure where to start commenting. That goats cheese salad has me wanting one for lunch, and I really like that paving with the star design. The markets seemed to go forever and looked as though they were full of incredible fun things.

  4. Jackie, I haven't been to PV in years! It looks like you had a spectacular time. Oh how I could use some real Mexican food about now!

  5. What a week!!! And, yeah, you definitely have to make sure you don't overdo things ... more relaxing is called for. The French lessons sound fun. Gorgeous photos. Too bad the burger wasn't great, but everything else (including margarita) looks fantastic.

  6. Your photos are really enjoyable! You seem to keep very busy while managing to relax.

    best... mae at

  7. As usual the food looks absolutely amazing! I'm not sure what tempts me the most! Your pool day sounds fantastic and I love the look of the 50s diner. Such a fun post!

  8. Interesting as always, Jackie! Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  9. I love traveling via your posts!

  10. Wonderful pictures! I especially like the street art, inukshuks, and those sea birds in the little boat. That grilled goat cheese looked amazing too. ;-)
    Aloha, Deb--Kahakai Kitchen

  11. Great photos! I would love to travel there someday.

  12. Looks absolutely fabulous! Was reading through this with my daughter on my lap and she got a kick out of the shrimp on a stick. And wow--I didn't even think about all of the cruise tourists. I bet the town is completely different without all of those thousands!

  13. Sounds like an awesome trip! I am so glad to know the name of those rock statues. I've seen them before, but never asked what they are called. Looks like lots of good eating going on. Thanks so much for sharing!


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