Thursday, March 10, 2016

Photo Friday Finds

1. Starts with K
2. Week's Favorite
3. Flower

The first two will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second can be a favorite image or activity from the week. The third will be different each time.
Friday Finds and Photo Friday
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Letter K - tough one this week. There are very few Spanish words that start with K and most of those are borrowed from other languages.
I had to go back to last month in San Miguel for a photo of KNICKERS!!

Week's Favourite - goes this week to my husband for this shot of a crab down by the malecon.

Flower - centrepiece at lunch in Oscar's.


  1. Love all 3 shots this wweek but the knockers really made me laugh. Enjoy your week ahead.

  2. I certainly had to smile at the knickers--very bright and colorful! Great shot of the crab. Your hubby did well with that one. Beautiful flower! Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt.