Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 11 Australia - Coober Pedy

Wednesday 4th March, 2015 - Coober Pedy

Ayers Rock to Coober Pedy

Spend today exploring Coober Pedy on your own. Alternatively, book a day trip to the Painted
Desert, or do a 1/2 day "city" tour and partake in an exciting Opal digging tour.

We chose to spend the day on our own. We sleep late, John woke during the night and had trouble with being in a cave, can't blame him, it was so dark. He even got up during the night and went outside for a bit.

When we got up we asked for a room above ground. We did the underground living but can't say it was a great experience.
Had our flat whites and sat outside.

We moved to our new room and then went exploring. It is so much cooler here, only around 32C.
But the damn flies are still with us!!

Funny peculiar town, I feel like I am on Route 66 or back in the 60s.

As mentioned in the previous post here is more on the dog fence.

Everything you need to know about opals and way more than I knew earlier this morning.

In and around some more galleries.

Time for some lunch.

We relax back at the hotel for a while in our above ground room then take the car go sightseeing.

First stop the golf course. There is no grass!

Then we go a few kilometres to Crocodile Harry's. a very eccentric cave house filled with more junk than you can imagine. Entrance is now $5 per person using an honour system.
More photos to come.

The Big Wench is next.

We next look for the Serbian underground church. More photos to come.

Back for a beer while we decide what we want for dinner, we end up walking to the bottle shop and getting a bottle of wine and then order a Thai curry and salad for dinner in our room.


  1. Crocodile Harry is still around?! When he heard we are German he greeted us with the Hit#er-guesture and we left. Not a good memory, but the pizza made me hungry!!

    1. Oh yes it's still there. How rude of him, I would have left too.


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