Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 22 Australia - Melbourne

Sunday 15th March, 2015 - Melbourne

We are very lucky that we met Linds and Anni on the Mekong River cruise last month. The y live in Melbourne and offered to pick us up and show us around. The Grand Prix is taking place so the city is packed.

The morning dawned dark and gloomy. I changed from my selected attire to something more substantial and warm.
Anni warns us that this is Melbourne, the weather will change in a flicker.

We have breakfast at the hotel and are ready when they show up at 10:30.
We had received notification that the Tramcar dinner location was changed due to the Grand Prix.

The Shrine of Remembrance was created to meet the needs of a grieving community after the extensive loss of lives in the First World War (1914 –18). 114,000 Victorians enlisted in the First World War. Of the 89,000 of them who served abroad 19,000 were killed. They were buried in distant graves far from home at a time when most Australians did not travel abroad. The Shrine provided a place where Victorians could grieve as individuals, as families or as a community and where they could honour and preserve the memories of those they had lost.

Would love to have had more time to spend exploring this museum.

 Next stop is Luna Park (the same as in Sydney), there is a great outdoor market along the way but we don't shop.

We rela and have coffee on the pier.

Williamstown is located at the mouth of the Yarra River where it enters Hobsons Bay and Port Phillip, south-west of the Melbourne city centre.

Originally Melbourne's first sea port, Williamstown has developed from what was a neglected industrialised centre into a popular and fashionable maritime village

We have fish and chips - the fish is flake, a gummy shark foun in the waters around here.

Lindsey has the idea that we should take the ferry back to Melbourne and they will meet us there. But first we go for a drive.

 Lindsey waiting for us. Lots of love locks on this bridge.

 Anni waiting.

It is now gorgeous out and we stop for a drink and a chat.

Lindsey then drops us at the Tramcar for dinner.

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Early Dinner
Transfer Type: Seat in Vehicle
Duration: 1.50 hour(s)
Pick up: 5:45pm Tramstop 125 Normanby Road , Melbourne
Drop off: 7:15pm Tramstop 125 Normanby Road , Melbourne

Due to the Grand Prix our pick up was at the Queen Victoria Market.

Dining in Melbourne can be a fabulous experience, especially aboard the fleet of historical trams
that have become The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. These glossy, burgundy restaurants on
wheels are the first travelling tramcar restaurants in the world and ensure a delightful innovative
approach to dining. As they cruise the scenic streets of Melbourne, diners can enjoy fine cuisine
and drink the very best of Australian wines or make a selection from the fully stocked bar. The
atmosphere is cozy, the service friendly and the decor as inviting as the colonial period these
trams reflect.
The Tramcar Restaurant departs from Tramstop #125 Normanby Road, near the corner of
Clarendon Street, South Melbourne (near Crown Casino). Passengers must arrive at least 15
minutes prior to departure with tickets or confirmation slip.
Includes: Appetizer, Main, Dessert, selected red and white wines, alcoholic beverages from the
bar, coffee and tea, liqueurs and traveling tram throughout the city and suburbs.


Considering the space the staff have to work in they do an amazing job.

As we walk back to our hotel, we have an early start in the morning we need to be at the airport by 7 AM.


  1. How brilliant to be shown around by a couple of locals. It looks a fabulous trip.

  2. The shrine-museum is something I would love to see. And those pedestrian bridges really appeal to me.

  3. Melbourne is fabulous, I lived there for a year, and have visited many, many times. I've never done the tramcar restaurant, and come to think of it I don't know that I've been inside the shrine of remembrance.


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