Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday May 1 - Copenhagen

Somehow Blogger (thank you very much) deleted all the photos I had scheduled for this post as well as the write up.

May 2012 - Toronto to Copenhagen

We flew out on April 30th, an hour late, at 10PM on Air Canada. flight was uneventful, the usual surly flight attendants that AC seems to attract.
Landed in Copenhagen at around noon due to the delay and the time difference is six hours. Customs was a breeze, he simply stamped your passport, no questions, no forms.
While waiting for our luggage, I could overhear the sales rep at the American Express currency exchange desk cheerfully acting as a tour guide and giving people directions into the city.
We had planned on taking the metro but he was directing people to the train. Both, by the way, immediately accessible once you pick up your luggage.
They have an easy automated machine to buy your train tickets which were around $6 each. They trains come frequently, they is plenty of room to accommodate everyone's luggage and we were in Central Station in fifteen minutes.
We stepped out of the station and Tivoli Gardens was in front of us, meaning we had to get around the gardens to get to our hotel on H.C. Andersens Blvd. We quickly realized that it was May 1, a holiday, Labour Day in Europe so the Gardens were packed with families.


Once we got our bearings with our map we headed to find the hotel.  Of course, it would have been shorter if we had turned left instead of right coming out of the station.

We easily found our hotel, the Hotel Alexandra and had the most wonderful, ever, receptionist greet us. Our room, upgraded to a superior, on an impulse, is gorgeous. A corner unit, overlooking the street with three windows, one of them a bay window, called the Arne Jacobsen room and furnished with a selection of his fine furniture and textiles.

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