Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday's Words

I read this in a blog the other day and it really hit home to me.

It was over at My Yellow House and she said:
"...that I don't hold the cards for anyone's path in life. I am only a parent, a friend, a wife, a sister, a daughter . . . I can advise and help but I cannot force a path, that is not my place. I do not have the power to make what I dream of, the dreams of others.
What I do have the power over, is choosing to love the moment and those who are in it with me and accept circumstances for what they are. To choose not to critique the choices of others. To be more open to 'what is' rather than 'what if.'  To know that my dreams and hopes, for all of us, are just that ... mine.
 I choose to choose love also. "

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