Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Island of Hawaii

You might have noticed that everything around here calls themselves "the southernmost ------- in the USA" because we are there, Naalehu.

As previously mentioned on this trip we are trying all the local joints which we hadn't done on previous visits.

We had driven by Shaka many, many times in the past and always said we should try it. It is a local hangout, one of only a couple of places including Hana Hou.
This place isn't pretty or even cute. Service is adequate. It could definitely do with some sprucing up but I guess the locals like it just fine.

But we certainly enjoyed our food as did any other tourists who wandered in.

One of my favourite Hawaiian recipes!! Kulua pork and cabbage with sticky rice. Here is an easy recipe.

Kalbi ribs Hawaiian style.

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