Friday, August 26, 2011

Foodie Fryday - Steamies and Poutine

Ex-Montrealers are always on the lookout for steamies in Toronto. These can be found everywhere in Quebec and border towns in Ontario for about $1. The term comes from steaming the hot dog - steaming a dog locks in the moisture rather than grilling which would blister the casing, thus leaking the flavour. Grilling is the norm in Toronto.
The Little Dog offer four types: Montreal's Lester's ($1.99), NYC's Nathan's Famous ($3.49), Chicago's 58's ($3.49), and a Veggie option ($3.49).
I opted for one Montreal and one Nathan's (having missed out on one in NYC a couple of weeks ago). I enjoyed the Montreal steamie the best even though the slaw was not the way you would get it served in Montreal. 

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