Friday, February 9, 2018

El Guisado (Stew)

FEBRUARY 2018 - Mazatlan Mexico 

Six Word Saturday

We wake every morning to the cheery (not to John, who says shut that bird up!) cacaphony   sound of the local chacalacas.

It was somewhat overcast as we ate our bacon and scrambled eggs on the balcony, but nice and warm.

We've decided to take it easy this weekend and just chillax.

A walk along the beach was in order we wnt as far as you if you turn right out of the resrt. Return trip is 8.8 km or 11,462 steps. That's 5.5 miles!
We can go as far as that rock in the middle at the end.

On the way back, our resort is just passed those two white towers.

No need to worry though, Happy Hour awaited us.

Inspired Sunday
One Word Sunday
Shadow Shot Sunday

We attended an update sales pitch which included a buffet breakfast. This lady was making fresh corn tortillas with cheese and behind her a chef was making omlets to order.

We spent a few hours by the pool reading.

 Then we moved to the side facing the ocean, you can see it was slighly cloudy but we still got some sun coming through.

Blacking out the windows for the Super Bowl. John decided to watch in our unit instead.

Dinner was easy, leftover chili and salad.


We were up and had breakfast, sitting with our coffee when we received a message from Carol asking if we wanted to to to El Quelite! Sure!
A Canadian friend, Mark (see, I got it right!!) followed in his rental car.

Click here for a walk around town last year.
John did a fine job of drive-by shooting from the car.
El Quelite is 37 km north of Mazatlan away from the ocean.
A sign for El Meson de los Laureanos Restaurant, our destination.

The road into town is adorned with bougainvillea plants on both sides. These were originally planted by the restaurant owner.

We didn't realize that it was a holiday, Constitution Day.
Mexico’s constitution (Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos) was drafted in Santiago de Querétaro, in central Mexico, following a revolution that started in 1910. It was approved by the Mexican constitutional congress on February 5, 1917. The document included significant social reforms to labor laws and provided for equality without discrimination, among other reforms.

All set to make pan fried pork chicharrones!

Click here for more photos of our day.

A new sign.

Town is crowded and restaurant is packed!

My pancakes, each meal comes with fresh orange juice, dish of fresh fruit and at the end the table is served with four types of custard.

Scrambled eggs, chorizo and fried beans.

Check out the cat under the table below! There are chickens wandering around and iguanas in the trees!

We needed a saunter around town to walk off some of that food.
In the courtyard of the restaurant.

Stopping into the bean factory to see Bill's pals. The workers patiently sieve through the beans by hand, to remove any rocks or other dirt that may have been picked up.

Water feature at another restaurant. Click here to see the ceiling murals.

Getting a little too close to Willie, don't even think about jumping on it!

Tres amigos.

On our way back to town this fog had crept in to envelope the buildings.

The fog continued for a while and then just dissipated.

We decided to do our groceries on Tuesday and eat in the Palapa instead. It was Mexican night and John had shrimps imperial, stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.

 I had fajitas.


We received a call from Carol after breakfast asking if we felt like a run into town, we said we needed groceries, so no problem, so did they.

There was a cruise ship in town so it was crowded with camera crazy tourists.

As we drove through town we were amazed at the amount of work done on the Malecon, on Friday we had been naysayers that they would never get it finished in time for Carnavale on Thursday. Today there were no detours along the way and we drove straight to the other side of town where the cliff divers are, parked and walked a little.


John shot a short video.


The "boat-people" are shopping for souvenirs.

In town as we stroll.


This was just being repainted and elicited many comments of oh $hit, that's yellow!

A restaurant siggn in the Plaza.

Gallery that we always like.

Entertainment for the crowds.

Lunch before groceries. Ceviche for me, I ordered shrimp but believe this was a white fish, didn't matter, it was good.

John had wings and fries and Bill and Carol each had mahi mahi fish and chips.

Groceries done and settled in for the afternoon with our books.

Dinner was my leftover fajitas which did both of us.


Bill, Carol, Mark and us went to Lucky B's for breakfast in the Golden Zone.

My ranchero eggs and John's omelet.

There are two cruise ships in today, 7,000 people so there were lots of tour buses in the area.

Lucky B's bar.

We walked around a bit.

John and I then took a pulmonia, our first this year, to Plaza Machado and then walked to pick up the gluten free bread and fried chicken dinner I had ordered from a chef in town.

We took a pulmonia back and immediately ripped open the chicken ad devoured several pieces, it was sooooo good.

Click here for her Facebook page which contains her menus.

Dinner - fried chicken!

Thursday Doors around town

A completely lazy day under rather cloudy and windy skies. Other than a quick walk on the beach, nada.

Dinner - pork fajitas.

Weekend Reflections

Today's mission was to capture the Carnaval sculptures.
Waiting for the bus. It costs 11 pesos each - the Canadian dollar is 15 pesos to a dollar.

Carnaval 2018 click on link for lots of photos of the sculptures.

We got off the bus early, by the Sea and Sky sculpture. It was really hot even at 11 AM.

Just before the Cucurrucucu Paloma I caved and we took a pulmonia to the market.

A cake in the window of Panama Bakery.

We then walked to Plaza Machado stopping in a gallery.

Plaza Machado getting ready for the weekend festivities.

We thought about lunch at Water's Edge, but it wasn't open. Then we sat at McCaw's thinking to have a beer, but we don't like the atmosphere there so moved on. So we walked further down back to the Malecon and had lunch overlooking the beach.

John had the nachos with Mexican cheese and sausage.

I had the shrimp aguachile and ei ei ei it was spicy!!! But good.

Then to find the remaining statues.

These clouds were stunning.

The area around the cliff divers was closed to traffic other than deliveries as they get set up for the weekend. We will be steering clear of the area until after the weekend.

Great to see the restaurants along the beach open for business. We've never seen it quite this busy on this section of beach.

 We captured the rest of the sculptures and finally caught a pulmonia at the traffic lights at the turnoff to the aquarium.
Total steps on this walk - 17,907 or 7.63 miles!


Lots of reading this week.

The Burgess Boys a quick passable read.

Cousin Rosamund I stuck with it, but didn't enjoy it.

Loving Frank was the highlight of my reading week. I like seeing Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture but knew nothing about him. This is historical fiction based on actual events. I had to google to find out if the horrible ending had really happened. It is also interesting to see the history around separation and divorce in the early 1900s.
Stuck in the Middle with You turned out to be a very interesting read.

Midnight At The Dragon Cafe



  1. I'm with John on the screaming birds. What a noise!

  2. I want to go there! I like the photos and I would get that shrimp and bacon for sure. What a fun time!

  3. Everything is so colorful and pretty -- even the fog. You are getting a ton of walking in. All that yummy food, I think I'm going to have make tacos and beans this week. Glad you liked Loving Frank, that's a good one. I own Burgess Boys, but haven't read it. And I haven't read the others on your list.

  4. LOVE your gorgeous photos. Everything is so colorful--the structures, the food, the people. Thank you for a taste of Mazatlan!
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a hike in Skagit County.

  5. It sounds like you're enjoying your time down there!

  6. Wow what a journey. You have some great photos there to keep as a reminder :D

  7. So much to see here, Jackie! Love the views of the sky and the ocean! We saw American Native dances several times i southern California, but I noticed that these you captured here have more of the brown feathers. In Southern Calif. it was more black and white feathers. My it is busy there. You had so many experiences on this trip - you could write a book! Many thanks for letting All Seasons in on your journey. Have a lovely week, Blog Friend!

  8. It's a hard life, Jackie, but someone's gotta live it! Many thanks for the link, hon!

  9. Noisy little things aren't they? :-) Wow! I am so jealous of this amazing vacation! Gorgeous beach and resort photos and of the town areas too.


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